Friday, January 10, 2014

The Shirt Off Your Back: Rock and Roll History told by Vintage Concert T Shirts

The Bad Twin Vintage is proud to bring to the public a HUGE collection of rare, never been washed, never been worn, collectible, concert tour t shirts from The Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA. 

So far listing these t shirts has been an amazing lesson in rock and roll history and I have about 85 more to go. Click the pictures for links to their listings at Bad Twin Vintage. 

 Did you know that Tim Curry, after a long successful run with Rocky Horror Picture Show, tried his hand as a recording artist and released two albums in the late 70's? 

This t shirt is from one of those tours. The back reads 'Behaving Badly' a sentiment that is right up The Bad Twin's alley! 

This one will blow your mind. Did you know that Tim Curry played Pennywise the clown in Steven King's TV series 'IT'? I must have been too scared to see this funny man behind all that make up. 

 This tee is of a band that I had never heard of but was excited to find out who they were, wouldn't you?

Root Boy Slim and The Sex Change Band with the Rootettes, got a recording contract out of a song called 'Christmas at Kmart.' Please, please, please go listen to this song, it's priceless! Check out one of their other 'famous' songs 'I'm not too old for you', 'Boogie Till You Puke', and '(You Broke My) Mood Ring.'

The front of this t shirt is just as interesting, It's from the 10th anniversary of WBCN Boston's premier rock and roll radio station. Bill Lichtenstein is currently co-producing a documentary of this era with the fans themselves who have turned over both their stories and memorabilia. Stay tuned it's called 'American Revolution.'

This is from a real local legend, Luna.

The band was originally named Orchestra Luna and they released one album on CBS Records and were part of a historical era of not only Boston but also rock and roll.

The third incarnation of this band was called, Luna. In 1978 they released the single 'Hooray for Hollywood' and the lead singer Rick Kinscherf changed his name to Rick Berlin.

Rick Berlin is an integral part of my community; he's the best damn waitress at Doyles Cafe, a co-creator of the Jamaica Plain Music Festival and continues to keep us entertained with his current project 'The Nickle and Dime Band.'

Doooot doo weeeoooo AHHHHH!

Minnie Riperton cooed us all with her famous voice in the song 'Loving You.'

She also used her voice as a crusader. Minnie was an unabashed survivor of breast cancer, she embarked on a campaign to inform women on the benefits of early detection and was nationally recognized for her efforts.

She continued to tour through all of this, returning to the studio to record her final album, 'Minnie'. On this album are appearances by Stevie Wonder (El Toro Negro) and her children Marc and Maya (Maya Rudolf from SNL).

The Joe Perry Project formed before the famous split from Aerosmith. The tour manager presented him with an 80,000 room service bill and he decided a side project would be the best way to pay his debt. This t shirt predates the JPP logo that appeared on his first album  and I believe it was designed by Joe himself. Do you see the revolver/horse images at the top? Both have a deep personal connection to Joe. He has had a lifelong interest in American weapon culture and is a gun collector. He raises horses at his home in Vermont. 

'Blondie is a Group' was a campaign created by Blondie themselves to educate fans that Blondie was not Debbie Harry's name. In fact at the time she wished to be called Deborah Harry. What a punk!
This tee is also a promotional WBCN tee for their 10th Anniversary. Just click the picture for the link to the listing.

The lead singer of the Good Rats played air guitar on a baseball bat when performing. 
They also threw out plastic rats into the audience!
The listing of this t shirt will include an authentic 'Good Rats' plastic rat collected at The Paradise Rock Club over 30 years ago. 

So many more shirts coming soon, again click the pictures for a link to the listings, and after I'm done I'll move on to listing buttons, tour jackets and bar memorabilia.