Monday, April 1, 2013

The Bad Twin Vintage Bargains ON SALE NOW

That's me. 

The Bad Twin. 

I'm celebrating!

 It's my Etsy anniversary and I've finally got 200 + sales. 

Over the last year I worked a lot (and collected a lot). I sewed like a bad ass turning out a couture dress (seen to your left) out of hand-me-downs AND constructed my first original pattern that will be (wearable and hot) available in my shop in no time.

Look behind me, just two weeks ago the garden was hidden by snow. I'm happy to put behind me yet another season of freezing vintage photo shoots.

I'm excited for the warm weather to bring some growth. So out with the old to make room for the new. This week, April 1st -April 8th (at midnight) my ENTIRE SHOP is 30% off! 

My main squeeze and I took a boat load of pictures today and I will be listing many new items starting at sale prices!  Nothing will be held back from the sale. 

Check out my Vintage Dresses...

Last minute Prom!
Professionally Gift Wrapped Dress

Marshmallow Peep Show Dress

Structured Dance-A-Thon Dress 
One thing hasn't changed and wont change I want to make you look good and feel happy with your purchase. Happy shopping and don't forget, you deserve it! 
x o x o

T  H  E     B  A  D     T  W   I   N