Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Future of Vintage

I found this deep inside a walk in closet at an estate sale. You had to enter the walk in closet through the bathroom. Smack in the middle of the bathroom was a red claw foot tub, it was outrageous.

The wardrobe held only a few vintage pieces. I was drawn to the gold material and had to own it when I saw the shorts...

H O T   P A N T S !

When I say 'own' it that's not really the truth. Foster parent is more like it. Under my care this singlet got a good soak, minor mending and some play time!

I love to play dress up and this piece was a dream to model. Looks so good you can look beyond my dimpled thighs.

When I listed this at The Bad Twin Vintage it got a lot of immediate attention. I got best offers and pleas for discounts. I held out. Fresh, unique and rare I knew it was bringing traffic to my shop.

There was no doubt that I found it's perfect permanent home when Marty bought this. Ok, ok, she bought it, it had a new home whether I liked it or not but a note came along with her purchase. She asked if she could convince me to overnight it. I love a girl who knows what she wants and Marty wanted these hot pants ASAP.  She then complemented me on such a rad find. I was sure that I had made an excellent match. 

The next day I had this golden gem in the mail on it's way to a new life in Montana with Marty. I was a proud mama, I knew the future for this vintage piece was bright. As the temporary guardian for these garments I break all ties after I ship it away. I always remind my customers to give me their feedback after they get their purchases but I rarely get it. So when Marty messaged me after she opened her package telling me how happy she was I had to ask for pictures of her rocking this one-of-a-kind item. Did Marty have a special occasion that warranted gold hot pants? Was this for a performance? 

Her reply couldn't have had a happier ending for the gold hot pants, 
"Haha. No occasion! Well... The occasion was --- its FRIDAY! and we went to see Yonder Mountain String in concert... needless to say we turned some heads. We LOVE to dress up! I'm still trying to hunt down some more photos... we were to busy having fun to bust out the camera!"

Thank you so very much Marty! You have been a dream customer. You, and your friend, look amazing. The future of this vintage piece is a totally rad woman, time, and place. 

T H E   B A D   T  W I N 

P.S. Id like to give you all a heads up on my SPRING SALE >> 30% off the entire shop from April 1st-April 8th at midnight. 

P.P.S. Marty, for you being, well, you, I'd like to offer you 50% off of any one item in the shop (for the duration of the sale).