Saturday, February 16, 2013

When Doves Cry

Sometimes dreams come true. 

This sweet dream started over a year ago when I began to see a different side of a man I knew well. He reached out to invite me to join him and a bottle of single malt scotch which he thought he would drink alone. Our long term acquaintance fueled a conversation that lasted all night long. 

We sat closer than we ever had before. 

He knew before I did. He took my hand and took me on plenty of adventures. Our dates weren't out of the ordinary but our experience was. When I followed suit we began to write a love story that only happens in fairy tales. He treats me like a princess. I treat him like my Prince. 

His musical follies have had me hypnotized since day one. He's got a God given talent, the kind that fervently sings from deep inside of you through past lives and the blessings of  players whom have passed...

and THE one that is formally known as...

Through a collaboration he finds himself in Milan playing avant garde versions of Prince songs. I was super lucky to see the only State-side performance. The band was amazing. They played for a packed room and had the audience on the edge of their seats awaiting each song. I mean who isn't a Price super fan (hands down best Super Bowl Half Time Act EVER.)

He left for Milan on the 15th, the day after our second Valentines Day together. Neither of us have particularly cared for this holiday in the past but now we never pass up an opportunity to show each other how much we love one another. We handmade our Valentines this year. He crafted me a flower out of love poems he penned and folded into paper airplanes. 

 I made him a Prince ruffle shirt for his Prince inspired gig. 
 I googled "prince ruffle shirt" and I used the the first image for my inspiration. 

Hello you Sexy M.F.

 I started with a plain white button up shirt. 

Raided my stock pile of fabric for something white and found this perfect eyelet material. 

commitment cut 

I added a new collar, layers of chest ruffles, and even more ruffles to the cuffs. 

Here's my well-shirted Prince with a red leather blazer. 

 While I know he's properly dressed for Milan I know I sure miss him. 
Nothing compares 2 U. Make me proud! 


T  h   e       B   a   d       T   w   i   n  


  1. Nevermind doves made me cry...i love you. Tou sre the best of what the human genome has to smart. So talented

  2. I could not stop smiling while reading this!!! Your love is palatable. Such a pleasure to read , from beginning to end, everything tied in, you are as quick w your pen as your mind is creating a new stitch