Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hello all!

Last Friday, me and Beth had an afternoon visitor to our hot little South Philly studio. Chaucee Stillman is a professional photographer who keeps a blog, Streets and Stripes. Her SquidWhale Designs post is the first in her "Fellow Philadelphian" series featuring creative artisans from the are and we're super honored! Go see SquidWhale studio through Chaucee's eyes!

We're also pumped about our giveaway at Streets and Stripes! You can enter to win one of two prizes:


this NEW SquidWhale Designs Sea & Sky zipper pouch made with indigo-dyed organic cotton and this vintage gold-plated anchor brooch:

Two chances to win are better than one! So, hurry over to Streets and Stripes and enter by the end of the day on Monday, July 2nd!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

World's End

This past weekend I went camping for the first time in my adult life at World's End State Park in Sullivan County Pennsylvania. It was a magical experience and I hope to do it again real soon. Here's some photos from my experience ... I hope you enjoy them!

{the contents of my backpack, unpacked} 

{Christiana attempting to build a fire, sans kindling, when we arrived at the site late Fri. night} 

{Christiana trying to make peace with the surprisingly pesty luna moth we met} 

{disco tent}

{morning coffee prep} 

{morning sandwich prep: p. b. & j. on cinnamon raisin bread w/ bananas}

{first hike: Double Run Nature Trail}

{finally a waterfall!} 

{tattoos applied with waterfall water}  

{photo op in front of the canyon view, Christiana & Katie}

{hunting for more waterfalls ...} 

{found some} 

{thanks to Katie's guardian angel, David Bowie}

{quick trip to nearby Eagles Mere for ice cream in this quaint Victorian parlor} 

{post ice cream rest on the docks of Eagles Mere Lake}

 {post-ice cream people watching} 

{evening coffee and dinner prep}

{cooking out last meal on the fire}

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for regular shop update this Monday!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shop update and "World's End"

Hello all! My week got a little thrown off course and I didn't have a chance to do my shop update till yesterday. After having seen Moonrise Kingdom last week, I suppose I couldn't get it out of my head when I was out hunting for new goodies for the shop. So, here's week three of Moonrise Kingdom-inspired update ...

{clockwise from bottom left: BSA totem pole badge, Bass sneakers (SOLD - sorry!), coonskin cap}

In other news, this weekend I am camping for the first time in my adult life at a very special place called World's End. There'll be creek swimming, trail hiking, tent sleeping, bird watching,  fire building and waterfall admiring, to name a few. It sounded like something I just couldn't miss. Here's hoping it's as magical as the island of New Penzance...

Tonight I will be packing up for the camping trip. I have a feeling I am going to be dipping into my shop stock. Here's a few items I may be bringing along for the trip ...

If you have any camping tips, please feel free to share in the comments below! And, cross your fingers that I don't get lost out in the wilderness! :)


Monday, June 11, 2012

"Camp camp" shop update pt. 2 and BIG NEWS!

This week's shop update was stretched out over two days. Friends, when I found out I had missed the debut weekend of Moonrise Kingdom I had to rush off to the theater midday yesterday and interrupt my listing marathon. But, boy was it worth it!

As a result, my update is a little Jeckyl and Hyde, or rather Cheerleader and Girl Scout.

Here's some items from the Monday:

And some from today:

See what I mean?

I also found a copy of the soundtrack to my favorite summer movie, Meatballs, at the flea market on Saturday. Apparently, it was never issued on cassette or CD, so it only exists in LP and 8-track format. So, my friends, this is the only way you'll ever be able to jam out to "Are you Ready for the Summer?". Hurry up and get it 'cause it is SCARCE!

Some great stills from the back of the record:

Lastly, I have some BIG NEWS! I have decided to give a go and be my own boss. Come August 9th I will be working at Mouse Trap Vintage full-time and SquidWhale Designs part-time - WOOOO! :)

I have been working at Moore College of Art & Design, my alma mater, as an Admissions Counselor for almost 8 years (6 years full-time, the last two part-time so that I could eventually make the leap). I have loved my experience at Moore; reviewing thousands of student portfolios, presenting about Moore's programs and Portfolio Dos & Don'ts hundreds of times, traveling all over the country (and once to Canada) for special events and high school visits and working closely with my applicants. And, above all else I will miss my incredibly fun and supportive boss and co-workers, my friends. If ever there was an office job worth having, this is the one.

My last day at Moore is August 9th. From now until then I will work as feverishly as I am able to bring you a load of new vintage every week on Mondays. Exciting things are also happening over at SquidWhale Designs! If you don't know about my other Etsy shop, a collaboration between me and my buddy Beth, I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading! Wish me luck!


Monday, June 4, 2012

"Camp camp" shop update

 {Camp camp shop update preview from my shoot yesterday}

Still awaiting the Philly release of Moonrise Kingdom (not until June 14th here in Philly - boo!), I've been satisfying my summer camp movie craving with some old favorites ...


 Wet Hot American Summer:

A little dash "Camp Anawana":

And to wash it all down, some incredible s'mores bars!

Hence, this week's shop update is a bit more "camp camp", if you know what I mean. And, heavy on the 1960s-1980s summer duds. I added 23 new items today, including the ones you see below, but there's more coming later this week.

{clockwise from bottom left: 70s gym shorts, BSA Cub Scouts tshirt, 70s Docksides

What's your favorite summer camp movie? Please comment below!

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