Saturday, March 31, 2012



Warm enough to sit outside on the ferry yet cool enough to snuggle into his chest. 
It was our first trip together. 

Introductions went over easily. Friends of mine met friends of his, we were all laughing and enjoying our laughter as the only audible sound on the sleepy island. It seemed as if the stars shone just for us and the road and beaches were ours to meander. 

 Walking into town with the O's, I could feel his hot stare at my bare skin, it was warm enough for cowboy boots and short shorts.

The O's : Jen and Danny and their children Riley and Mason
We didn't explore the entire island. But we were charmed by the parts that happened upon us.
We had a photo shoot while we waited for the sun to set. 

I felt the icy burn of the water. 

The long shadows before sunset proved distracting in our shots but this one was delightfully magical. I love that the image captures the action of the subject and the photographer. This picture was my favorite of the bunch. If I could nail that look I'd use it for every shot. 

For a little local flair, stop in at The Dumptique and dig through MV's best thrift store.  If it's not nailed down it's free. It's a recycling program at the Tisbury Dump.
I walked out with a sweet tote bag and a few t shirts. One man's the saying goes....

Brian, THE Hot Dog King of Martha's Vineyard, shows off his finds at the Dumptique.

Bea's Fabric Shop looked empty and smelled like cigarettes.  But there happened to be a stash of patterns sitting around long enough to make them vintage. Score!

I see short shorts in my future. And a western button up for my gentleman caller.

We stayed with the O's while in MV. Danny O is my best friend's husband and a seriously inspiring artist. His drill remains to be the most amazing thing to watch. He works the magazines for shades of colors and types of textures and then pieces them together to fill in the spaces of his lined drawings. 

Danny O @ Etsy

This dish rack from the Dumptique will be a great way for Danny to display art at the fair and festivals this summer.  

"Back to the states" as Brian The Hot Dog King would say with memories of Martha's Vineyard off season and unseasonably warm. 

T H E   B A D   T W I N

Friday, March 23, 2012

Handmade Houses pt. 1

I found these two books last fall at a used book shop in Milwaukee. Since, I've been daydreaming and nightdreaming about living in one of these handmade houses ... or making my own someday.

{left: Woodstock Handmade Houses (1974); right: Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher's Art (1973)}

Here's the first of two posts featuring some of the amazing photographs from these books. All of the photos here were taken by me from Woodstock Handmade Houses. I'll start with an excerpt from the Preface by co-authors/photographers, Robert Haney & David Ballentine:

When the American dream still seemed a good trip, about seventy years ago, some nonconformists got together to explore a different lifestyle up in Woodstock, where the Catskill mountains start getting tall. They were mostly artists, crafstmen, tinkerers, and thinkers. In those days they got labeled: Bohemians. Today, perhaps they'd be tagged freaks. The first shelters were sometimes just a hunk of oilcloth or a free flop in a farmer's barn. But when they really started to build they went heavy on imagination, light on money...

 More photos from Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher's Art soon!

Happy Friday, dreamers. 

The Good Twin


Thursday, March 22, 2012


About the Bee. 
It's a summit. A woodshed. A gathering to accomplish a specific action. 
We're gathering in Philadelphia. The action is dress making! 

Who's Who and What!
Sarah Hunt of Mouse Trap Vintage aka Good Twin

Maggie Hunt of Humpastuff aka Bad Twin 

Lindsey Hunt, LPN aka The Valedictorian 

Cindy Hunt of Record Lady aka Mommy

We'll be posting our daily progress here at Good Twin Bad Twin. 


Monday, March 19, 2012

Call for Well-Traveled Suitcases

I'm into art, film and old stuff, so this call for old suitcases by the Slought Foundation here in
Philadelphia tickled my curiosity.
Here's an opportunity to participate in an exhibition of the work of artist & filmmaker
Peter Greenaway (The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her LoverThe Pillow-Book) at the
Slought Foundation here in Philadelphia by simply lending your well-traveled vintage
suitcases for the duration of the exhibition in April.


Here's an approximation of what kind of suitcases they're looking for:

Here's what will be filling said suitcases:

92 Suitcases

1. Coal
2. Toys
3. Luper photos
4. Love letters
5. Clothes
6. Clothes
7. Vatican pornography
8. Fish
9. Pencils
10. Holes
11. Moab photographs
12. Frogs
13. Food drop
14. Dollars
15. Coins
16. Luper's lost films
17. Alcohol
18. Perfume
19. Passports
20. Bloodied wallpaper
21. Cleaning fluids
22. Dental tools
23. Cherries
24. Honey
25. Numbers & letters
26. Luper uniforms
27. Dog bones
28. Locks and keys
29. Light-bulbs
30. Place-names
31. Boots and shoes
32. Zoo animals ark
33. Ideas of america
34. Anna karenina novels
35. Candles
36. Radio equipment
37. Clean linen
38. Water
39. Code
40. A sleeper
41. Erotic engravings
42. 92 objects to represent the world
43. Rainbows
44. Prison movie film-clips
45. Manuscripts for the baby of strasbourg
46. Holocaust gold
47. Children
48. Dead roses
49. Trains
50. Sewing needles
51. Shower-heads
52. 55 men on horseback
53. China dogs
54. Brushes
55. Drawings of luper
56. Musical instruments
57. Smoked cigars
58. Body-parts
59. Ingres paintings
60. Broken glass
61. Moitessier gowns
62. Crabclaws
63. Feathers and eggs
64. Yellow paint
65. Tennis balls
66. Bottle messages
67. Green apples
68. Pig
69. Spent matches
70. Saucepans
71. Flower bulbs
72. Restaurant menus
73. 92 atomic elements
74. Violin splinters
75. Fire
76. Lead
77. Obelisks
78. Roman postcards
79. Holy earth
80. Green figs
81. Light
82. Notes on drowned corpses
83. Maps
84. Board games
85. Ink & blood
86. Luper story manuscripts
87. Ice
88. Measuring tools
89. Typewriter
90. Dolls
91. The phrenological book
92. Luper's life

Some Fake, Apocryphal & Unauthenticated Suitcases

93. Live squid
94. Whistles
95. Human ash


Intrigued? Read more about the exhibition and how to donate suitcases here.

The Good Twin

*Addendum: I will be lending two or three of my own suitcases, so you should, too!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A long good-bye

This has been a particularly slow month in the old Etsy shop (whoa is me!). When my cash flow slows to a trickle, I farm my own collections for items to list in my shop.

I've been holding onto this beauty of a dress for years for several of reasons. She is the perfect mix of 1950's silhouette and unusual novelty print fabric. She's also got a significant amount of damage. And lastly, I just couldn't say good-bye to such a special piece.

Her silhouette may be 1950's, but if you look more closely the fabric pattern of pouting girls in over-sized hair bows seems to belong to a much earlier decade. Like, late-1800s earlier. In the last few years, as one half of the textile design team SquidWhale Designs, I've done my share of textile research. I came across these repeat patterns, all of which were manufactured in the 1880s in France. They bear a striking resemblance to the pouty, be-bowed girls, wouldn't you say?

 {source: a textile design history book in my studio, I'll look up the name soon!}

A few days ago I listed and sold the dress to the vintage-dress-collecting, awe-inspiring lady below who's planning to fix her up real nice. I rest easy knowing my dress is in good hands and it's still here in Philly. In other words, it's not good-bye, just so long for now.

  {Sue, of Giant Dwarf}

The Good Twin

Friday, March 16, 2012


All month I've been adding pastel pretties to the shop in preparation for spring. This week, with temperatures in the 60s and 70s all week and the daffodils in full bloom, I'm here to say spring is officially here!

{nothing but solid blue sky earlier this week in Philly}

{endless fields of daffodils on U Penn's campus} 

To celebrate, I'm having a sale in my shop through Sunday, March 18th. You can save 20% off everything with coupon code *SPRINGSPRANGSPRUNG*. Just enter the code at checkout at the discount will be automatically applied!

{vintage in shades of MINT: 1940s dress, kitty pitcher, painted bakelite brooch

{vintage in shades of ROBIN'S EGG: 1940s lamb print dress, antique embroidered laundry bag, 1980s dress}  

 HAPPY SPRING, everyone!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Searching for The Ted Williams Baseball

There was that story Auntie always told. Didn't she say that she had a baseball signed by Ted Williams? 

Since Auntie has passed and she had no children, that story couldn't be corroborated. There's always a mystery at every estate sale. Once someone asked if all the pieces of the puzzle were still inside the box. That's a ridiculous mystery with a relatively easy resolution. 

A lot of the mystery comes from looking through people's things without them present. First time estate sale shoppers are likely to ask, "who died?" and say "I feel creepy." The truth of the matter is that not all estate sales are the liquidation of a deceased's property. A few weeks ago a couple was retiring to Mexico. Last week a family was relocating. At those homes the sale consisted mostly of items too big to move.  It was apparent that the clutter had been sorted and a lot of smaller items had been taken to the donation center. 
Look at this furniture! Amazing nautical dresser. Over the top costumer. 

The sale was busy and because of the larger items I really got a work out. Again, the following week, last weekend, was the same: furniture. I deliberately wore a skirt because it could quite possibly get me out of heavy lifting. Didn't happen. Before I knew it I was lugging wrought iron patio furniture around to the driveway for loading. Funny thing, I just realized that I didn't take a single picture last weekend. Now that's a mystery! I'll give to the short description, it was all tea cups and silver plated servers. I'm glad to spare you the pictures.

This weekend Above and Beyond is in Franklin, Mass. This is Auntie's house and we're still digging for that signed baseball. She left everything to her niece. When I say everything I want to show you what I'm talking about. 

 Before and afters.....

 Just in the attic we found 1000's of half finished craft projects. She wasn't picky about her craftiness. She did pretty much everything. She too had the tools and supplies for each of the following ; dolls and doll clothes, crocheting, knitting, sewing, needlepoint, quilting, water color, drawling and calligraphy. 
The niece lives on the west coast and when she saw what her Auntie had left for her she knew she couldn't get through this herself.  

Here I am...getting through it...

Here's an example. A decorative strawberry pillow got its details but never got it's stuffing. It's vintage wrapping lead me to believe that this project began over 20 years ago. Same goes for that print maker, feed sack material and doll skeletons. 

 What year/eruption do you think this was from? 

These are some of the items that endeared me to dear Aunt Alice;

Her Shirley Temple Pitcher, let's all do a collective, awww!

Her personalized labels for her handmade goods, an authentic LA Cross Red Cross adorned Nurse tweezers and some pretty sick shades. 

This is still a mystery to me. War time folk art. I'll have to dig further! 

Come see me this weekend in Franklin! 
181 Brook Street 

TH E   B A D   T W I N