Monday, February 27, 2012


Hi! Good Twin here after a loooong blogging hiatus...

Me and my buddy, Beth, have been designing textiles together for almost two years now for our company SquidWhale Designs. Since our founding, we've dabbled in textiles for home design, paper goods and stationary and collected nautical bits for our vintage shop, The Sea Shanty. Last month I had an epiphany while sewing up the very special zip pouches below (I should note that that's vintage fabric and not our own), that Beth and I should go into accessory and apparel design using our original textiles. We're SUPER pumped, but there is a major stumbling block - neither of us has a ton of sewing experience.

{zip pouches in progress in the studio & for sale at Coldhearted at the Sculpture Gym}

So, Beth and I invited the DAMN SEWFISTICATED* Maggie Hunt (and my mom and sister, Lindsey!) to SquidWhale H.Q. to help us get our sewing sea-legs! Our weekend of non-stop dress making is March 24-25 and you can play, too (see below for details)! 

  *Thanks for the name, Mags! :)

Just in case you missed it, last summer Maggie sewed her first dress from a vintage pattern, a 1940s pinafore style with ruffled sleeves. Seeing these wonderful photographs from the process was so inspiring! 

What am I going to make? 

What's Beth going to make? 

{Simple shift dress w/ pockets//four different double-gauze Japanese fabrics - one will win out!}

What's Maggie going to make? 

 {some possibilities, left: 1930s vintage pattern; right: 1970s vintage pattern} 
How can you GET SEWFISTICATED, you ask?

Just let us know you'd like to sew a dress (or another garment), too! You can sew solo or get together with a group of friends and sew all weekend long like us! 

Email me at with the following and I will blog about all the DAMN SEWFISTICATED participants as they come in:
*your name
*your blog/website
*a brief description of your sewing experience and the project you've chosen
*1-3 photographs (jpg format) of you and the pattern and fabric you'll be working with 

Thanks for reading! Hope to sew with you all soon! 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PolterGEIST in Sharon, Mass

Ok, it wasn't a Poltergeist.............. it was Herman Geist.  
I've seen some interesting wardrobes working at Above and Beyond Estate Sales but this one was spooky. The closets were bare when we arrived at the house to take inventory and begin the staging process.  Hangers hung empty a strong presence of vintage lingered in the air. I was haunted by the content-less dry cleaning plastic bags left behind. 

I heard a scream. 
It was my boss. She called me to the basement.
It was there that it happened. 

The manifestation of the 'Geist, Herman Geist.

EVERY label was Herman Geist. 

I couldn't find very much information about this now defunct department store, only listings of vintage items for sale. This is portrait of the women who wore them, not only was she a model but she worked for Herman Geist. 

Women's Turtleneck

Rhinestone embellished TWILIGHT ZONE sweater 

Puff Sleeve SLASHER Sweater
Wool Plaid RUN FOR YOUR LIFE Gaucho Paints

High Waisted Wool Suit.
Cold Sweat? Get a look at this killer SWEATER JUMPSUIT !
 All items seen above and MANY more will soon be available at HUMPASTUFF VINTAGE> > > >

What an experience this wardrobe was! 

The owner stopped in to see how our sale was going and was shocked to find out that people actually wanted her old wardrobe. 

This color block sweater took my breath away. I've worn it four times already, complements from every which way, so I'll have to thank the ghost of Herman Geist. 

B  A  D   T  W  I  N 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Above and Beyond Estate Sales was in Taunton Mass last weekend, if you weren't there you missed out on a lot of deals. 

                                             It was Stella's home. Her appliances were avocado green and were kept immaculate. She held onto this pack of Kleenex dinner napkins in avocado green until there was no time left for a party at this house. Even after she was too old to keep traveling she tucked away her Samsonite train case in it's original box for safe keeping. 

Stella kept a meticulous record of her thimble collection. Noting a detailed description of each thimble, the cost, and purchase date. See Note: Children of the Week Thimbles. Take note: she had collected them all. 

You might not think it from the avocado green appliances and massive collection of thimbles that Stella was one hot chick! 
(pun intended - this picture is of her neighbor's chicken coop)

At about 2:45 on the last day of a sale I have held out enough! I've just got to find out what kind of a woman Stella really was. 

Time to play dress up! 

Feather accented nightie!

Geometric 70's maxi in red.


Stella tried to host her own downsizing sale. People spent days at her house picking apart her things and offering her dirt cheep prices for her life long collection. Someone recommended Above and Beyond Estate Sales to her and she was relieved to pass on her home and it's contents to a trusted company. She had had her scares. Just after she moved out thieves broke into her home and removed all her copper pipes, a growing trend with scrap metal prices at an all time high. We were bundled up while we organized and displayed Stella's things yet our butts were cold while we popped a squat in the yard!

So hey! Massholes! Click on the image below to find out more about 
Above and Beyond Estate Sales. 

Check out the Facebook page too! 

Sale after sale I find myself getting emotional over the things someone will leave behind. The worst is finding family photos with no family left to enjoy them or maybe even worse a wedding dress that has no new generation waiting for it to be their heirloom. That's when I realize that that's why estate sale companies exist.  That's why I take the time to try to get to know those folks who had it in their right mind to keep all this stuff but never had the mind to deal with it. So, Massholes, I welcome you to join us at our upcoming sale in Sharon, Ma this weekend. Check out pictures and find the address here. There we will again sort through the lost and hopefully some of it will become your found. I'll leave you with this....

Who said old ladies have no sense of humor!  

X O X O 
B A D   T W I N