Monday, October 1, 2012

Thrift Store Gods, Part 2

Good twin here with the second installment of "Thrift Store Gods". The Gods were good to me this week, so I thought I would follow up to the bad twin's post with yet another tribute...

My story begins at my favorite thrift store, the Goodwill Outlet. If you haven't visited one before, here's the skinny: Everything from home goods, to books to clothing are dumped into huge blue troughs that are approximately standing height and you dig for your treasures. Every hour or so, a bell is rung signaling the shoppers to clear out and the bins are refilled. Once you've exhausted yourself and you're ready to check out, you bring your cart to be weighed. The more pounds you've amassed, the cheaper the load. At 50+ pounds, you pay only $.79/pound. It never ceases to amaze me that the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

I've had consistently good luck at my local Outlet, but last Tuesday I hit the jackpot. The first item I saw when I entered was this huge antique steamer trunk (and, of course, I bought it right away).  Three hours and two trough-refillings later, I would discover what I believe were the contents of that trunk ...

Second score, an iconic vintage howling wolf tee that I'll most likely be keeping for myself/wearing as part of my Halloween costume as Bret from Flight of the Conchords.

And, then I hit the motherload ... a huge lot of Edwardian Era - 1930s historical garments: stiff front tuxedo shirts, gorgeous cotton pique and cotton lawn waistcoats with mother of pearl studs, petticoats with hand tatted lace, a pair of mens white leather dress gloves, a silk overskirt with pleated silk ribbon trim - the list goes on ...

This 1920s dress I dug up is on it's way to  Lisa of Vintage Archives in Chicago. She's going to fix her up real nice!

A last minute score, found underneath the troughs by my thrifting buddy Jessica: a real sheepskin scottie dog toy with tattered pink silk ribbon around it's neck (!!!) ... 

The whole load, all bagged up:

Since my big score at the Outlet, I decided to sell all of these beautiful historical garments as they are. I love their imperfections as much as I love the beautiful natural cotton and silk fabric, the handwork, the incredible attention to detail and the craftsmanship that went into making them. Here's a little peek at some of the garments that will be haunting the shop later today, in all of their as-found glory. Hence, this week's update is entitled "The Haunting"...

Thanks for reading! I'll leave you with this picture of me from last Tuesday's trip to the Goodwill Outlet, after 3+ hours of digging the bins. I think Jessica, who took the picture, was inspired by the afterglow, the late afternoon light, the dusty, musty Archaeological vibe of my outfit and how it matched the sun-bleached hammock swing we found on our way out of that magical place. Oh, and of course she was inspired by the Thrift Store Gods who were smiling down upon us. :)

The Good Twin


  1. Wow the thrift gods were good to you, I never find anything older than the 1950s at the local thrifts let alone an outlet. Sadly we don't have "the bins" in the Chicago area but I have gone to something similar called "Dig 'n Save" in Madison, Wisconsin. It's kind of intense but very rewarding!

    I'm glad the dress is going to a good home, I know Lisa! Small world.

    1. Thanks for reading, Leilani! Sad you don't have bins where you live, but the Dig sounds like a good alt! It's SO rare for me to find stuff this old, too. Say "hi" to Lisa for me! <3

  2. Awesome blog Good Twin! You think that trunk really held all those Edwardian clothes, that's a great story, you put it all back together. I'm gonna see if there's a good will outlet near me!

    1. I just have a gut feeling that the trunk had everything inside. Just makes sense. Hope you find some bins near you! :)

  3. Girl you definitely have the touch when it comes to thrifting!

    1. Thanks, Chaucee! It's hard work, but I love it! :)