Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thrift Store Gods

I'm a believer. 

In Thrift Store Gods.

Let me explain:  I have a tradition of asking the powers that be for what I hope to find when I walk into a thrift store. It's one part belief and one part visualization. It's worked for me in the past. I wanted a pair of parashoot pants and I kept the faith while I scanned just the hems of the pants section imagining my ideal find. I spied ties at the ankle of a pair of green pants. The thrift store gods delivered a super sweet pair of Miss Sixty balloon pants that are a staple in my wardrobe. 

Another day I wanted a drug rug. Something directed me straight towards the jackets and I felt impelled to comply. I thumbed through the isle hanger by hanger. There, before my eyes, was a miracle. It had to be divine intervention. I scored a drug rug that I thought only existed in myths. Bell sleeves, zipper up with pockets! In purple! 

It's like these things just materialized out of that parallel dimension where all my socks disappear to. 

So just two days ago my gentleman friend was sending me links of a jacket that he wanted. It was a double sided jacket, half corduroy/half smoking jacket. It was expensive and new. I guess I'm biased to vintage and this jacket was trying too hard to appear old. Seeing that I'm blessed when it comes to finding what I'm looking for I started searching Etsy and Ebay for corduroy jackets for him. 


So I google searched. Shot in the dark, I know. Within the top three results was the website American VintageFollow this link to their men's coats and jackets to find this killer Cortefiel Jacket. This pic is the screen shot I sent him yesterday. We both liked it. His coworker agreed it was sweet but it would be that much better with elbow patches. Before he decided whether or not to buy it we had to make sure it would fit. We went home to measure but never got around to it. 

Yesterday he went to Savers. He approached the jacket section with the stories I just told you in mind and he began look. His eyes did not believe what they saw when they stopped on the collar of this jacket. 

There IT was. The same vintage, albeit one of a kind, jacket we searched out on the internet. Cortefiel. Corduroy. Leather accents. To be honest it wasn't exactly the same. See for yourself. The jacket he found did not have leather accents on each flap pocket. It had leather accented <<ELBOW PATCHES> >. Can you call that a coincidence? Are you starting to believe in Thrift Store Gods? 

 I'll continue...
This cute dude wearing his new stylish corduroy jacket asked me to take a tango class. How could I say no. Well actually I don't imagine myself agreeing to something like that but at the same time I felt like it was already decided for us. That same day I went into my local thrift store Boomerangs to look specifically for a rug. I laid my eyes on these...

Official Tango shoes. Soon I'll be cutting a rug! 

Is it luck? Is it a coincidence? One more story and I'll let your decide...

I got these boots from my mom for my birthday. I picked them out from one of my favorite Etsy shops, James Rowland. They arrived and they were even more beautiful in person. I pulled them on and pranced around in them while I called my mom and thanked her. When it came time to go out that night I couldn't wear them out. They were, alas, too small. Vintage shops don't normally take returns and I thought I had no  other option than to resell them in my Etsy shop. Depressed I thought I'd distract myself by continuing the search for the perfect ankle boot. In a drone I typed in my search terms. I thought I was hallucinating when the same pair of boots appeared. 

I clicked the link and closed my eyes and thought what a phenomenon it would be if these might possibly be just a smidgen larger than the pair that never got a chance to leave my house. They were bigger. Hold onto your socks here, they were in the same shop. James Rowland happened to have two pairs of the same shoe in stock. Holy dead stock batman! I sent a message asking if there was any chance I could make an exchange I would gladly pay shipping both ways. I just about held my breath until they responded. They took my return and kindly paid to ship out the replacement pair. 

Thank you Thrift Store Gods! 
I await your next divine wardrobe suggestion, 
(hurry up already!!)

T H E   B A D   T W I N


  1. Seriously incredible post, bad twin!!! Thrift store gods pt. 2 is up next!

  2. All you have to do is believe, and all good things will come to you...Every aspect of your life is a shining example of this...Again, I am so proud.
    Oh yeah, great blog!...And even greater message.
    I love you to the stars and back...Ur Mommy.