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Brimfield Fashion Diaries Fall 2012

Fall 2012 

The 53rd Brimfield Antique Fair was my crossover year. I went from being a shopper to being a vendor. Well both Good Twin and Bad Twin made this transition. We lived in our tent for five days and nights :  it beats sitting in traffic. As we were exposed to the elements we were also exposed to personalities form all over the world. These pictures do little to encompass the visual overload that is Brimfield. I look forward to keeping tabs on Brimfield fashion for years to come. Check out these awesome tees, "NO sleep till Brimfield". Homemade (!) none the less. These chicks are die hards. They dressed for ease and remembered their totes. Hey, I bet matching tee-shirts even help to spot your friends within the crowds!    A+ girls. You looked like you were having so much fun and I wish I could have joined you in your hunt. BTW : How do I get myself one of those shirts!?

Speaking of tee-shirts... a vendor down the row had these shirts "what would a Brimfield shopper say" for sale. 

Come on No Sleep to Brimfield girls!
THIS guy in his I <3 my weiner shirt is peddling tees! 
 You have to follow suit! 

Our field, New England Motel, opens at 6am on Wednesday. In the dark shoppers zigzag through tents lit by the light of our vintage chandeliers and strung up Christmas lights. Some folks have flashlights, some folks are in sandwich boards and yell out "I buy marbles",  some don their raincoat and galoshes, some are in khakis and the plaid of Tommy. Fashion hit us with the first light. I love the smell of Hilfiger in the morning. 
Later on opening day a summer shower left a river in front of our tent and a few of our fellow vendors ankle deep in water. It wouldn't be Brimfield if there wasn't any rain.

 Couldn't rain on her parade. 

You need to be prepared for anything when walking the fields of Brimfield. Right after I decided to start documenting the unique fashions at Brimfield this gentleman happened upon us. 

His teal outfit, sans the rain boots, matched our ceramic bull head, mid century couch and believe it or not; my pedicure. We had quite a laugh together! Turns out he has a habit of color coordinating; he used to favor  only purple shirts.  

 This guy's really got it,  Hat : check. Rain boots : check. Jewelry Loop : check. Apron : check. He also would have taken this suitcase from Mouse Trap Vintage back to Germany if it would have fit in the overhead compartment. Pierre hunts for unique travel cases and doctors them up fixing seams and locks with a special attention to top quality merchandise. The luggage, again ready for travel, finds itself in the hands of  set directors, museums, and collectors.
 His website is great, follow this link  Sams & Son.

Then the sun came out and so did more friendly people.

This handsome couple were taking their engagement pictures at Brimfield. They said that Brimfield was one of their initial common interests. Their love grew while they hunted for a bargains and shared kettle corn, pilgram sandwiches and lemonade. Although a little out of character for what they would normally wear to Brimfield these two pulled it off. Her peep toe red heels jazzed up her zigzag print dress. He lets her shine by wearing a classic look. Last but not least ; sunglasses and smiles finish the look. 

I would have bought this dress right off of this girl. I love that the stripe changes direction at the side panel. Her boots could walk her through a shit storm and her fearless attitude will get her her asking price. Her princess style hairdo with large ribbon bow showed her sweet side and the mismatched laces make it clear she's funky. 

This two piece outfit was made for this young lady.  Her skin tones are really accentuated by the yellow, mauve, and tan plaid. It's playful yet age appropriate and a great starter vintage piece. 

This guy was all smiles. His shorts are vintage and his multi pendants are fresh. 

With over 20 years in business as a furniture upholstery Jeanne Gauthier has no trouble mixing patterns and textures. Look at her printed jeans and fringe boots! Check out her shop The Recovery Room  in Fitchburg, MA. Make your choice of fabric and trim available at her shop and she will masterfully recover whatever you desire. 

Look! There's Light Witch! 
Brimfield brought us internet friends together face to face. And what a cute face this doll has! 
She was busy outfitting the summer theater program in Monson. They put on a production of Grease! The performance ends tomorrow night, 9/15. Check out their facebook page for details. One things for sure those kids looked amazing because Light Witch leaves no detail overlooked! Just look at her Brimfield attire.  Check out her vintage eye and photographic point of view in her Etsy shop, Light Witch Vintage and Photography.

Light Witch brightened our inten(t)se mood by trying on a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses we had for sale. The lenses gave eye popping results. Clockwise from the top left: Light Witch, Tiffany Kinder of Above and Beyond Estate Sales and Consignment, Sarah Brown of Mouse Trap Vintage and me aka The Bad Twin. 

These glasses came along with a lot of jewelry from an estate. It was unbelievable what this one woman had in her collection. Can you imagine finding both those glasses and this Janet Jackson '91 tour necklace in the same house!? Good Twin took my picture posing like Janet. We have four of these rare necklaces. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any interest.

Like a moth to a flame
Burned by the fire
My love is blind 
Can't you see my desire?
That's the way love goes...

At Brimfield you can guarantee excitement, exhaustion, most likely sunburn, oh, yeah, and traffic. On your way out of town take the scenic route to miss the backup on rt 20. Leaving the fields take a right onto New Holland road, that turns into Brimfield Road, turn left onto Sturbridge Road which turns into Holland Road.
It's the fashionable way;)

Another way to beat the heat and the traffic is to sit at the bar at good old Francescos and have a margarita. They make a damn good one. 

 Cheers! To the hunt! To a great show! To the visual candyland! To doing it all over again next year! 

Brimfield Fashion Diaries to be continued next year at Brimfield 2013!

 Keep an eye out for us. We'll be looking out for your personal style. 

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  1. Wow Maggie! That's gotta be your best blog ever! The photos...your picturesque descriptions...your humor...I feel like I was THERE enjoying the experience right by your side...From now on, I want to see everything through your eyes...Just beautiful honey...I am so proud, as always.

  2. I enjoyed the tour! thanks for including those of us "not-in-the-know" I've never even heard of this gathering/market... kind of takes you back to downingtown when it had, memories of the early 80's farmer's market now that's "nostalgia". The pics are priceless. The people are true signposts of Americana. It is easy to see the lure. besides who doesn't love being able to haggle over vintage gold and yellow brimmed, amber-tinted, over-sized sunglasses, I know my bid would've been in. lol Keep doing it, it was very cool to see these spots still live and breathe deeply and successfully. We could use more real and less fake! Support Love, Support Truth!

  3. i'm interest in the janet jackson 91 necklace, is it for sale? if so how much?

  4. Hi I know this post is 5 years old but I was wondering do you have any more Janet Jackson tour necklaces.