Thursday, September 20, 2012

Behind the Scenes, Behind the Grave : inside a photo shoot

I love the Jamaica Plain Forrest Hills Cemetery. The scattered hills and winding paths lead you on a private tour through generations of art, history and personalities. 

The two of us were alone except for some really dead people. So I decided to get naked. Not totally naked but just a flash here and there as I orchestrated a photo shoot for my Etsy shop. 

Could I be soulless for prancing around a cemetery half dressed? I give my full respect. 
I am not posing in front of you I am merely an accent to your beauty and a nod to your remembrance. 

Behind those bug eyed glasses is my gentleman friend, Mr. Hobbs. He deserves recognition for his picture taking skills. He'll be my photographer for a City Feed sandwich, coconut water and the chance to see me put on a cute dress,
strip down,
dress up
and pose again.

With a quick zip...

I'm up against the mausoleum striking a pose.
Carlye Sophisticated Lace Wiggle Dress Available at Humpastuff 

Still not a soul in sight. I get a rally of outfits and shoe changes going.

A lifetime of choices. This skirt has 6 interchangeable panels. 

 The crouching technique. 

The Pose

Sweater available at Humpastuff
Quick outfit change and more posing. 
1930's Dubble Ware paint splattered work jacket and gold hot pants available soon at Humpastuff. 

My gentleman gets a little camera time as well. Work those dimples! Normally my man has a saxophone between him and his audience. While posing for the camera he had nothing to hide behind. He really opened up and he lets us see a different side of him.

 He looks damn good, he's tall and lean and he's all over my Etsy shop.

Leather and fringe and denim and Yves Saint Laurent and more leather. 
All available this week in my Etsy shop. 

I decided to keep this St. John's knit dress that was intended for the shop. 
So this behind the scenes is the only chance you'll have to check it out. 

The outtakes: 
There's always a few funny faces before you get the right one. Look at my tongue sticking out!

Not quite right...
We got to get it wrong...

before we get it right. 

X O X O X O 
           T H E   B A D   T W I N 

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