Sunday, July 22, 2012

NOTE TAKEN : A Top Ten List

We all write notes. They're quick thoughts. 
You leave them for someone to see or you tuck them away for later. Working at an estate sale company I come across a lot of notes.

 Although private they're part of the job and unavoidable. Notes of older generations who were much more of the cataloging type include dates and places.  They help us to separate out personal items that could be sentimental and should be returned to the family. Out of respect for what's been important enough to make note. The note has been taken.
I've comprised a top ten list of types of notes. 
The following notes are original. I found them at different estates in the metro-west of Boston.  They have not been altered in anyway.  XXX MOM

Number 1 : The "to do list"
I believe this is the most common type of note 
although the following to do list is comprised of some not so common tasks.

The title head of this note pad is "THINGS TO DO TODAY." 
(side note: this is a very ambitious list for 24 hours) 
  1. Extremely important to normalize your family life
  2. Normal hours of living  : getting up, meals, bedtime
  3. Daily Prayer + Scripture
  4. Anger Control and handling 

Number 2: The grocery list. This type of list names items that are checked off as they are acquired. On this example we're acquiring CHILDREN OF THE WEEK THIMBLES.
Glad to announce she's got them all AND the Wedding Thimble. 
The Bagpipe Guy Thimble was on her wish list.

Number 3: Kids ramblings.

Kids notes are some of the most hilarious to read especially after some time has passed. At one house there was a closet that had unfinished concrete walls. It became a kind of kid's cave. 

I saw a garden snake when I was six - ALEX

Number 4 : Informational Note
These little yellow tickets would mean nothing unless this note accompanied it explained that they were WWII gas ration stamps. 

Number 5: Identification 

Always good to identify your ashes. Mt. St. Helen's ash to be exact. 

Number 6: Label

 This one was right at the entrance to the attic door. Direcly proceeding it was a low pipe. Poor Uncle Lou's head. He must have had a bunch of hard knocks before getting a personalized hard hat.

Number 7 : An inscription

I love an inscription. This one cracked me up. Written on the inside cover of Ben Franklin's Autobiography was, "If the Saugus River overflowed this book would still be dry."

Number 8 : Instructions.
These two were funny. 
This post-it says it all. Turn to any page David and take note.

Do Not Touch! <3 Mom! 

Number 9:  Note to self 
Never underestimate the power of self motivation! 
"I forgot how to use it"

Without a doubt the tag "very important" on a note can't be ignored. This note, possibly obscured by plastic, tells of a hand crocheted spread. Made by her great grand mother in the 1920's. 

This note was a guardian angel for this blanket. The blanket which had been lost in the family house for years when found with a note made the past a more tangible universe. 

Thank you note writers. I do take note. 

X o x o x 
t h e   b a d   t w i n

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  1. Nice post, Mags! I LOVE the modern cave art the best! What a cool thing to have come across! Well, that and the Mt. St. Helen's ash, of course!