Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'll Have Another : Kentucky derby 2012

I'll Have Another was the winner of the Kentucky Derby. 
My friend always has a Derby Party. Best party of the year in all categories; food, drinks and fun. 
The Derby is at the beginning of May and the weather can be intermittent. Whether it's cold, hot or rainy I always feel it's the kick off for the summer and I'll Have Another's win got me geared up for a boozy kind of summer! 

I've been having so much fun I've been late to the gate to thank the folks who helped me to win the Derby Party's best hat AND best looking couple. I ordered the hat pattern and vintage dress pattern on E bay and the fabric from Etsy.

The Vintage Pattern Store  is overseas. I was worried I would not receive this pattern with enough time to create the dress. This seller was quick to ship! While I waited for the pattern to arrive the seller promptly answered my questions about the yardage required, notions, and wished me good luck! The Vintage Pattern store sells mostly reproductions of original patterns. I was skeptical at first. The thick white paper wasn't as easy to work with as thin translucent pattern paper but the circles, notches and labels were there just the same. My judgement is based on the results and the finished dress was excellent.

I got this amazing horse shoe print fabric at The Stockroom on Etsy. I wrote in a tizzy asking how much yardage they had in stock and if they could rush it to me. In the midst of moving their brick and mortar store Niles answered my cry for help in minutes. Then within a few hours he had confirmed yardage, reserved the listing for me, and contacted me saying if I submitted payment he would have my package in the mail the following day!  In two days I had the fabric in my mailbox! Top notch customer service at The Stockroom!

  I was going to make a hat. Very ambitious of me. Thanks to Quacker's Sewing Patterns for supplying me with a kick ass hat pattern. Turns out my social calendar was booked solid the week leading up to the Kentucky Derby party. So I panicked about not having enough time to make a hat and not having enough money to buy a hat . Then...life happened. The estate I was working at that week had two delightful hats. I had my choice for the Derby! 

I was down to the straightaway! Annie get your hot glue gun!

I had pre-ordered little plastic jockeys from Amazon. Every year I search around town for plastic horses to glue to my hat. This year I can thank Amazon Prime for making me look above and beyond prepared for this shindig. 

The same estate where I found my hat also had fake flowers (every estate has fake flowers, blech)!

The picture on the left really captures the movement of the horses. The picture on the right captures my ability to drink and operate a hot glue gun. 

And They're OFF!

On the day of the race I was racing to finish my dress hem and fasteners. Once the dress was on I calmed down a little. We galloped into the party on our easy rider sock horse. We were greeted by friends and handed Mint Juleps in icy pewter cups.

My dress, hat, and handsome gentleman friend.
I altered the hem on this 40's frock to make it more modern. The horse heads were also acquired at an estate. The perfect prop just happened to find me! 

Thank you I'll Have Another! 

x x x
better late than never
T H E   B A D   T W I N 

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