Friday, July 20, 2012

A Brimfield Story

Hello friends,

Sorry for the long hiatus. Last week I was in Brimfield, Mass., once again, working for Above and Beyond Estate Sales with Maggie. The owner of Above and Beyond, Tiffany, is a vibrant, knowledgeable woman with a penchant for MCM furnishings. It's been such a pleasure to work for and with her, learning about the business of antiques dealing, meeting and making friends with so many interesting dealers and having a good time out in the fields. I've also been fortunate to be able to bring along some of my own vintage wares and try my hand at merchandising and selling in person. I've learned a lot! But above all, Brimfield is a time when Maggie and I can spend some quality time together, something we don't get to do too often.

Here's my Brimfield story ...

{gathering up & organizing little bits to sell at the show} 

{finished small bits/jewelry display} 

{The New England Motel field on Tuesday before the show opened} 

{our tent, #190, mostly Tiffany's MCM furnishings, peppered with my smalls - teapot, doctor's bag, etc.} 

{Mouse Trap corner of our tent} 

{well-deserved beer during set up with the bad twin's feets. it was a HOT day!} 

{our room at the New England Motel, conveniently 20 yards from our tent!}

{the bad twin lounging on our busy opening day on an awesome Adrian Pearsall chair}

{first two purchases of the show, some incredible Southwestern print barkcloth (SOLD) & some red & white striped thermals

{my new Gray Day Studio tote filled to the brim with my Brimfield finds}

{opening day portrait, me x 3} 

{one of my Brimfield finds, a BSA beadcraft key fob, added to my display} 

{boredom-driven animal antics on one of the slow days} 

{mimosas with fresh squeezed OJ, prepared on the field, on the last day} 

{champagne jam in MCM rocks glasses, borrowed from the tent} 

{last day portrait in a candy striper-style 50s dress borrowed from the shop (that once was mine, and now is once again)}  

{Maggie's very 90s last day look. She's a cutie, huh?} 

{And, lastly, me exhausted and collapsed on my bed with Louis T. Cat (the "T" stands for the) after my long drive home...}

The July show is always slow, so I didn't have much cash to buy new goodies for the shop. Here's a few items I regret not taking home with me ... 

{varsity cardigan sweater, complete with cheat sheet about the assassination of Lincoln in the pocket} 

{bedraggled wooden animal lot from an antique Noah's Arc toy set}

{possibly the prettiest log cabin quilt ever made}

And, here's some of the items I did buy, all for sale in the shop now: 

Hope you enjoyed this Brimfield story! Hope to see you at the September show!

The Good Twin


  1. This is my favorite blog of yours to date! Great pics (love the snake, alligator, bear, snake) great storyline! Did you link to Above and Beyond? Tiff would love to see and re-share!

    1. I did link to Above and Beyond. I post link on FB page now ... Thanks, Mags! :)

  2. Hello chica's!

    Loved your Moonrise Kingdom camp inspired finds so much that I included it in my review. Check it out!

    Happy Hunting!

  3. That looks like so much fun! You are ALL adorable!! I would have loved to have seen the Noah's Arc animals in your shop. Those are gorgeous! :D