Tuesday, June 26, 2012

World's End

This past weekend I went camping for the first time in my adult life at World's End State Park in Sullivan County Pennsylvania. It was a magical experience and I hope to do it again real soon. Here's some photos from my experience ... I hope you enjoy them!

{the contents of my backpack, unpacked} 

{Christiana attempting to build a fire, sans kindling, when we arrived at the site late Fri. night} 

{Christiana trying to make peace with the surprisingly pesty luna moth we met} 

{disco tent}

{morning coffee prep} 

{morning sandwich prep: p. b. & j. on cinnamon raisin bread w/ bananas}

{first hike: Double Run Nature Trail}

{finally a waterfall!} 

{tattoos applied with waterfall water}  

{photo op in front of the canyon view, Christiana & Katie}

{hunting for more waterfalls ...} 

{found some} 

{thanks to Katie's guardian angel, David Bowie}

{quick trip to nearby Eagles Mere for ice cream in this quaint Victorian parlor} 

{post ice cream rest on the docks of Eagles Mere Lake}

 {post-ice cream people watching} 

{evening coffee and dinner prep}

{cooking out last meal on the fire}

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for regular shop update this Monday!



  1. this made me want to go camping asap! what a great trip and I love love that it was just girls camping. now i want to ask my girl friends to go camping with me.

    1. Oh yeah! Girl camping is where it's at. We were marveling at how prepared we were and how well we all contributed to planning. We also joked about how we have to plan to enroll all of indoorsy husbands/boyfriends in mandatory Boy Scouts training. ;)

  2. I really like the bathing suit from the contents of your backpack! Do you know the brand by any chance, so that I could find it for myself? Thanks!