Monday, June 11, 2012

"Camp camp" shop update pt. 2 and BIG NEWS!

This week's shop update was stretched out over two days. Friends, when I found out I had missed the debut weekend of Moonrise Kingdom I had to rush off to the theater midday yesterday and interrupt my listing marathon. But, boy was it worth it!

As a result, my update is a little Jeckyl and Hyde, or rather Cheerleader and Girl Scout.

Here's some items from the Monday:

And some from today:

See what I mean?

I also found a copy of the soundtrack to my favorite summer movie, Meatballs, at the flea market on Saturday. Apparently, it was never issued on cassette or CD, so it only exists in LP and 8-track format. So, my friends, this is the only way you'll ever be able to jam out to "Are you Ready for the Summer?". Hurry up and get it 'cause it is SCARCE!

Some great stills from the back of the record:

Lastly, I have some BIG NEWS! I have decided to give a go and be my own boss. Come August 9th I will be working at Mouse Trap Vintage full-time and SquidWhale Designs part-time - WOOOO! :)

I have been working at Moore College of Art & Design, my alma mater, as an Admissions Counselor for almost 8 years (6 years full-time, the last two part-time so that I could eventually make the leap). I have loved my experience at Moore; reviewing thousands of student portfolios, presenting about Moore's programs and Portfolio Dos & Don'ts hundreds of times, traveling all over the country (and once to Canada) for special events and high school visits and working closely with my applicants. And, above all else I will miss my incredibly fun and supportive boss and co-workers, my friends. If ever there was an office job worth having, this is the one.

My last day at Moore is August 9th. From now until then I will work as feverishly as I am able to bring you a load of new vintage every week on Mondays. Exciting things are also happening over at SquidWhale Designs! If you don't know about my other Etsy shop, a collaboration between me and my buddy Beth, I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading! Wish me luck!



  1. Yeahhhhh Sarah! What a great blog...full of interesting and amusing items and lots of loving sentiments. I certainly wish you good luck, although in Coatesville they would say there is no such thing as luck, only blessings from above...and you sure have been blessed with every quality necessary for success in life, and in every new adventure!...As always, I am happy and proud. <3<3<3 Ur Mommy

    1. I love you,Mommy! Thanks for your neverending support!!! <3

  2. Go Sar go! Your shop is so impressive but your taking this big step is even more impressive. I couldn't be happier for you. I'll be calling you when you're a self made millionairess! xxxooo