Thursday, April 12, 2012

She's Got The Look

Sarah Brown, creator of Mouse Trap Vintage, and co-owner of Squid Whale Designs, has a very specific look. 

Never mind she's the Good Twin. She's also picture perfect. Her smoky blue eyes, Angelic. Her specialized style, borderline Amish. 

Today Sarah, aka the Good Twin, changed our blog banner. 

Isn't it pretty!

I Love it! It's great. But she changed it without asking. This is our blog. I probably would have chosen this picture. 

It really nails the "good twin bad twin" thing we're going for. Although it's also perpetuating a "which one of you is which" attitude. I've blogged about it before: identifying one's personality trait as a twin as well as an individual is challenging. So to simplify things...she's got the "good" look and I've got it "bad." 

I've got some pertinent information for you all. Sarah has an evil side and I actually am really quite nice. 

For example I have an extra iPhone charger. I leave it at my mom's house as a resident charger. Everyone  uses it when we're there. When I was at home a couple of weeks ago I took out my personal charger to use because someone was already plugged into the resident charger. When I was packing up to head back to Boston I realized I didn't have my charger. The resident charger was still there but mine wasn't. I called Sarah and she actually sounded hurt when I asked her if she may have taken mine. She denied and denied. I apologized and figured I had already packed it and just couldn't find it. When I got back to Boston I still couldn't find it. Luckily I grabbed the resident charger brought it home with me.

About a week later...I got a package in the mail. Please note my doting mother's use of a sharpie. Her packaging can't be beat. There's always a heart around your name and a special note inside...

Here's the kicker. 

Inside that package was an iPhone charger and a note explaining it all...thank you Mommy, you are a great judge of character;)

There you have it! Evidence of the "Good Twin's" BAD behavior. 

She has no idea that Mom sent me her charger. She's reading it here with you all for the first time. 
heheheh (evil laugh)

x o x o x
T h e   B a d   T w i n (?)

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  1. Dear Maggie...You are freaking hilarious...I guess our little secret is no longer a secret...As your little sis Lindsey informed me, "Mom,if you post it on FB, everyone's gonna know"...I love you Maggie!!!...Thanks for a good laugh!!!