Thursday, March 1, 2012

Searching for The Ted Williams Baseball

There was that story Auntie always told. Didn't she say that she had a baseball signed by Ted Williams? 

Since Auntie has passed and she had no children, that story couldn't be corroborated. There's always a mystery at every estate sale. Once someone asked if all the pieces of the puzzle were still inside the box. That's a ridiculous mystery with a relatively easy resolution. 

A lot of the mystery comes from looking through people's things without them present. First time estate sale shoppers are likely to ask, "who died?" and say "I feel creepy." The truth of the matter is that not all estate sales are the liquidation of a deceased's property. A few weeks ago a couple was retiring to Mexico. Last week a family was relocating. At those homes the sale consisted mostly of items too big to move.  It was apparent that the clutter had been sorted and a lot of smaller items had been taken to the donation center. 
Look at this furniture! Amazing nautical dresser. Over the top costumer. 

The sale was busy and because of the larger items I really got a work out. Again, the following week, last weekend, was the same: furniture. I deliberately wore a skirt because it could quite possibly get me out of heavy lifting. Didn't happen. Before I knew it I was lugging wrought iron patio furniture around to the driveway for loading. Funny thing, I just realized that I didn't take a single picture last weekend. Now that's a mystery! I'll give to the short description, it was all tea cups and silver plated servers. I'm glad to spare you the pictures.

This weekend Above and Beyond is in Franklin, Mass. This is Auntie's house and we're still digging for that signed baseball. She left everything to her niece. When I say everything I want to show you what I'm talking about. 

 Before and afters.....

 Just in the attic we found 1000's of half finished craft projects. She wasn't picky about her craftiness. She did pretty much everything. She too had the tools and supplies for each of the following ; dolls and doll clothes, crocheting, knitting, sewing, needlepoint, quilting, water color, drawling and calligraphy. 
The niece lives on the west coast and when she saw what her Auntie had left for her she knew she couldn't get through this herself.  

Here I am...getting through it...

Here's an example. A decorative strawberry pillow got its details but never got it's stuffing. It's vintage wrapping lead me to believe that this project began over 20 years ago. Same goes for that print maker, feed sack material and doll skeletons. 

 What year/eruption do you think this was from? 

These are some of the items that endeared me to dear Aunt Alice;

Her Shirley Temple Pitcher, let's all do a collective, awww!

Her personalized labels for her handmade goods, an authentic LA Cross Red Cross adorned Nurse tweezers and some pretty sick shades. 

This is still a mystery to me. War time folk art. I'll have to dig further! 

Come see me this weekend in Franklin! 
181 Brook Street 

TH E   B A D   T W I N 


  1. The ash is likely from May 1980, the last big eruption from Mt. St. Helen's. How do I know this? It was the big news item from the day I was born.

  2. I want that ash!!!!! And those sunglasses! Hook me up!!!