Sunday, March 18, 2012

A long good-bye

This has been a particularly slow month in the old Etsy shop (whoa is me!). When my cash flow slows to a trickle, I farm my own collections for items to list in my shop.

I've been holding onto this beauty of a dress for years for several of reasons. She is the perfect mix of 1950's silhouette and unusual novelty print fabric. She's also got a significant amount of damage. And lastly, I just couldn't say good-bye to such a special piece.

Her silhouette may be 1950's, but if you look more closely the fabric pattern of pouting girls in over-sized hair bows seems to belong to a much earlier decade. Like, late-1800s earlier. In the last few years, as one half of the textile design team SquidWhale Designs, I've done my share of textile research. I came across these repeat patterns, all of which were manufactured in the 1880s in France. They bear a striking resemblance to the pouty, be-bowed girls, wouldn't you say?

 {source: a textile design history book in my studio, I'll look up the name soon!}

A few days ago I listed and sold the dress to the vintage-dress-collecting, awe-inspiring lady below who's planning to fix her up real nice. I rest easy knowing my dress is in good hands and it's still here in Philly. In other words, it's not good-bye, just so long for now.

  {Sue, of Giant Dwarf}

The Good Twin

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