Friday, March 23, 2012

Handmade Houses pt. 1

I found these two books last fall at a used book shop in Milwaukee. Since, I've been daydreaming and nightdreaming about living in one of these handmade houses ... or making my own someday.

{left: Woodstock Handmade Houses (1974); right: Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher's Art (1973)}

Here's the first of two posts featuring some of the amazing photographs from these books. All of the photos here were taken by me from Woodstock Handmade Houses. I'll start with an excerpt from the Preface by co-authors/photographers, Robert Haney & David Ballentine:

When the American dream still seemed a good trip, about seventy years ago, some nonconformists got together to explore a different lifestyle up in Woodstock, where the Catskill mountains start getting tall. They were mostly artists, crafstmen, tinkerers, and thinkers. In those days they got labeled: Bohemians. Today, perhaps they'd be tagged freaks. The first shelters were sometimes just a hunk of oilcloth or a free flop in a farmer's barn. But when they really started to build they went heavy on imagination, light on money...

 More photos from Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher's Art soon!

Happy Friday, dreamers. 

The Good Twin


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