Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PolterGEIST in Sharon, Mass

Ok, it wasn't a Poltergeist.............. it was Herman Geist.  
I've seen some interesting wardrobes working at Above and Beyond Estate Sales but this one was spooky. The closets were bare when we arrived at the house to take inventory and begin the staging process.  Hangers hung empty a strong presence of vintage lingered in the air. I was haunted by the content-less dry cleaning plastic bags left behind. 

I heard a scream. 
It was my boss. She called me to the basement.
It was there that it happened. 

The manifestation of the 'Geist, Herman Geist.

EVERY label was Herman Geist. 

I couldn't find very much information about this now defunct department store, only listings of vintage items for sale. This is portrait of the women who wore them, not only was she a model but she worked for Herman Geist. 

Women's Turtleneck

Rhinestone embellished TWILIGHT ZONE sweater 

Puff Sleeve SLASHER Sweater
Wool Plaid RUN FOR YOUR LIFE Gaucho Paints

High Waisted Wool Suit.
Cold Sweat? Get a look at this killer SWEATER JUMPSUIT !
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What an experience this wardrobe was! 

The owner stopped in to see how our sale was going and was shocked to find out that people actually wanted her old wardrobe. 

This color block sweater took my breath away. I've worn it four times already, complements from every which way, so I'll have to thank the ghost of Herman Geist. 

B  A  D   T  W  I  N 

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