Monday, February 27, 2012


Hi! Good Twin here after a loooong blogging hiatus...

Me and my buddy, Beth, have been designing textiles together for almost two years now for our company SquidWhale Designs. Since our founding, we've dabbled in textiles for home design, paper goods and stationary and collected nautical bits for our vintage shop, The Sea Shanty. Last month I had an epiphany while sewing up the very special zip pouches below (I should note that that's vintage fabric and not our own), that Beth and I should go into accessory and apparel design using our original textiles. We're SUPER pumped, but there is a major stumbling block - neither of us has a ton of sewing experience.

{zip pouches in progress in the studio & for sale at Coldhearted at the Sculpture Gym}

So, Beth and I invited the DAMN SEWFISTICATED* Maggie Hunt (and my mom and sister, Lindsey!) to SquidWhale H.Q. to help us get our sewing sea-legs! Our weekend of non-stop dress making is March 24-25 and you can play, too (see below for details)! 

  *Thanks for the name, Mags! :)

Just in case you missed it, last summer Maggie sewed her first dress from a vintage pattern, a 1940s pinafore style with ruffled sleeves. Seeing these wonderful photographs from the process was so inspiring! 

What am I going to make? 

What's Beth going to make? 

{Simple shift dress w/ pockets//four different double-gauze Japanese fabrics - one will win out!}

What's Maggie going to make? 

 {some possibilities, left: 1930s vintage pattern; right: 1970s vintage pattern} 
How can you GET SEWFISTICATED, you ask?

Just let us know you'd like to sew a dress (or another garment), too! You can sew solo or get together with a group of friends and sew all weekend long like us! 

Email me at with the following and I will blog about all the DAMN SEWFISTICATED participants as they come in:
*your name
*your blog/website
*a brief description of your sewing experience and the project you've chosen
*1-3 photographs (jpg format) of you and the pattern and fabric you'll be working with 

Thanks for reading! Hope to sew with you all soon! 



  1. Those pouches are really cute, Sarah! This is such a fun idea (though I'll just be watching).

  2. This project is a dream come true. Thanks for writing this up Sar!

  3. this sounds awesome!!! not sure if I can make it!! boo too, the father-in-law is in town from Alaska that weekend... dam. Let me know if you do another one!? would love to come. I have many many ideas!


    aka @GrayDayShop

    1. Abigail: Sorry you can't make it! There will be other sewing or craft events in the future! Plus, we'd love to meet you! :)