Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Kim contacted me asking for a donation of a Bunny and Clyde Humpastuff for their big annual fund-raiser, BunnyLuv Fest. 

I thought what better of an audience could I get for my humping rabbit pillows?!

A huge audience it was! 
I got pictures from Kim showing a large crowds of bunny lovers, tables filled with donations to be auctioned, and of course a bunch of cute BUNNIES! 


Rabbit Health Information Sessions were held through out the day.

Bunny Tattoos 

This bunny even had it's own stuffed bunny! 

Smiling even while rolling around in bunny poop :/

If you look closely you can see Bunny and Clyde. 

Shipping out Bunny and Clyde was a big day for me. It was also a big package! 

I decided I'd go smaller. Easier to package and ship not to mention it increases the accessibility of Bunny and Clyde. 

Coming soon to the shop! A WEE version of Bunny and Clyde! 

X O X O X   
B A D   T W I N 

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  1. OMG Maggie!...I love the wee bunnies!...and your shipping box with Live Animals and air holes is so adorable...Congratulations on the exposure to all things BunnyLuv, and on another fabulous blog...I love you so much...and I seriously would like to place an order for a pair of wee humping bunnies...Can you deliver by Valentine's Day?...<3<3<3 and more Bunny <3...Ur Mom