Sunday, February 27, 2011

MTV Shop Preview

 Some of the new goodies I'll be adding to the shop this week. Are you feeling the Amish vibe? I most certainly am. It may have something to do with those two Amish dresses in the shop right now... :)


Good Twin goes BAD

Good Twin's booby Eggs Benedict must have sparked this stunning collection!
A dress form can do magic for photo shoots but nothing compares to finding a model who fills out your merchandise. 


Sarah Lou from Mouse Trap Vintage makes this dress pop with a little cleavage.  

For someone who always dresses from the past, Good Twin rarely features the 80's.
Here's Good Twin showing off her Vogue. 

Strike a pose!

Bergdorf and Goodman skirt suit set available at Humpastuff 

Laura Ashley Double Breasted Corduroy Sailor Dress available at Humpastuff

Just in case you aren't familiar of God Twin's throw back style here's some insight to her favorite eras and styles. 

Sarah, soon to be Mrs. Box Brown, (awww) is planning a wedding. 

Weddings show off a couple's style. In this case, Miss Original is marring Mr. Comic Book Man. Their first baby isn't a wee one it's a full theatrical production. A Hobo Wedding!  
A Hobo Wedding Website

Sarah's into historical apparel. The older the better, sometimes a hole that is delicately patched by hand will make Good Twin drool. She overheard in twitterverse that someone bought one but left behind two authentic hand made Amish dresses. She made a mad dash to make them hers for just a short while. Good Twin cherished this find and documented each once with care. They're now listed on her Etsy page.  Click the picture for a link:) 

So now you've seen Good Twin gone Bad and Bad Twin go Amish..




how our mom used to dress us!


Good Twin and Bad Twin 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CHOPPED: A Hair Story

  Maggie came home this past weekend to Philly/Malvern - hooray! The whole point of Maggie's visit was to get some major wedding and bridal shower planning accomplished. We got some work done, but more importantly we pampered ourselves with massages ...

... champagne toasts (that's our lovely mommy, Cindy a.k.a. Record Lady)...

... delicious brunches, lunches and dinners (that's a fresh tuna BLT with a fried egg on top and homemade potato chips that Mags is wrapping her mouth around) ...

... a zillion of mom's chocolate chip and cashew cookies, thrifting (below is a little sterling silver bunny brooch I found with an adorable fluffy tail) ...

and, finally, TWIN HAIRCUTS (!!!).

Neither Maggie nor myself had had a haircut for a loooong while. Here's the shaggy "before" from Sunday morning:

We turned to Twitter for salon suggestions in Philly or the 'burbs and the lovely Jen Jones of Revival Vintage in West Chester, PA told us about Salon Chemistry. After making appointments at 5 other salons, Maggie happily canceled them all and we settled on Salon Chemistry. The owner and stylist, Anthony, seemed so warm and laid back on the phone; we just dug his vibe.

From the moment we walked into the salon on Sunday afternoon we loved it. Beautiful natural light, art we could appreciate, exposed brick, vintage decor, plus kids and puppies and a chirping bird in an art deco birdcage... 

Sarah decided to go first ...

 Then Mags ...

Here's our "after" picture:

With our tattooed stylist, Anthony:

That concludes out hair story. Thanks for reading!

Sarah & Maggie


Thursday, February 17, 2011

best in show

I, myself, am a cat person, but that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to dogs. In fact, I love every animal on this planet. Perhaps it was The Westminster Kennel Club’s annual Dog Show having taken place this week or the handful of dog-themed treasures I found for the shop last weekend. Whatever it is, I have dogs on the brain.

I have to admit, I didn’t watch the Dog Show this year, but I did spend plenty of time ogling the contestants online. Here’s some of my favorite pooches (that I want to smooches!):

All dog show pics via . View whole slideshow here.

On my vintage finds ... all will be up in the shop on Friday ...

Hand painted miniature decorative plates, Mid-century Japan
framed German needlepoint picture of lederhosen boy with dachsunds
HUGE Italian ceramic figurine of an afghan hound
Here's some new dog-themed Etsy favorites ...

bakelite dog pencil sharpener by Lulu's Vintage Closet
70s best in show dog print shirt by Plaid Pony
vintage silk handkerchief by Lucy and Ethel
dog pin cushion by Ohio Picker
70s minidress with dachsund applique by The Arbor Vitae

I'll leave you with this clip from Best in Show, Directed by Christopher Guest, king of the mockumentary genre.It's one of my all-time favorite movies! "God loves a terrier ..."