Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's a DIGGER!

I love learning the ins and outs of the Estate Sale world. 

This weekend I was in Canton, MA. The homestead of a WWII Fighter Pilot and his extremely crafty wife. 

I spent the morning digging through the closets. The house has already been combed over by my co-workers but there's always something amazing hiding in plain sight. I found a Boy Scouts of America poncho and The Boston Globe and Herald newspaper articles from a day in 1978, the day after The Blizzard of 1978. COOL

The men's clothes were quite small but one women went home with a collection of vintage Pendleton plaid shirts! 

I spent the morning upstairs wishing I was downstairs in the craft room.  

What a craft room it was! This women sewed, painted, knitted, weaved, and did needlework. She handmade a collection of outdoor flags! Her stash was intense and I was envious. Boy did I want this Serger. It was calling to me. I decided that one would find me when I was ready to use it. I'm still an amateur seamstress (and a professional hoarder). So I left it behind.

Since I decided not to bring home the machinery I had to reward myself with something. I began to dig through some bins of fabric. The deeper I got into the bins the better the stuff. Yards of vintage Waverly, some bold turquoise canvas, blue wide whale corduroy, and a striped denim fabric caught my fancy.

My co-worker came down to the craft room while I was digging and surprised me with this...YES!!

I found a few interesting patterns that I had to bring home...

 Make a shirt for you and your man and then make a tent to match! Hilarious! Thought I'd use some of my new turquoise canvas to realize on of those tote bags! Love these men's shirt patterns, especially the boat neck!

My favorite find of the week I discovered folded between some fabric. It was an incomplete project. A doll, no two dolls, no no three dolls. The style of rag doll was a pattern printed on a sheet of fabric; you cut out the pieces and assemble it.  The women had cut out the pieces and begun to sew the dolls. Miraculously she had kept the scraps of fabric with the band name otherwise I may have overlooked their importance. It was a name I recognized. A name anyone would recognize. Marimekko! 

I felt like I found gold! 
What I learned this week was twofold. You dig and you might possibly find something worthwhile. More importantly if you craft; finish the project before you start another one!

My sack of goodies will turn out many projects but first on my list is tackling these Marimekko dolls.

 Until next week! 

T H E   B A D   T W I N

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