Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wallet dilemma and human tooth trophy

I have a weakness for fine leather goods. Especially when it's Treat Yo'Self 2011!

I picked up a rare Bonnie Cashin-era Coach wallet (left), complete with adorable kisslock compartment, at the Philly indoor fleas this weekend for a pretty sweet price (thanks to buddy Jessica's incredible haggling ability). I am trying to decide whether to keep it and replace my current, decidedly more minimal, vintage Coach wallet (right). What do you think I should do?

If I don't keep the Cashin it's heading right to the shop. Try not to let the possibility of owning her yourself sway your opinion. ;)

Gonna sleep on it! Thanks for weighing in! ...

Oh! And, I will leave you with another incredible $1 find from the fleas. It's a genuine human tooth trophy, mounted on a brass and plaster stand! A honker of a molar, to be exact. And, this one is definitely a keeper!!! If you've got a hankering for more tooth art, though, I have some in the shop.

Happy Sunday, all!

The Good Twin