Sunday, November 27, 2011


Welcome back from a looong holiday weekend, all! I hope you had lots of time with your loved ones and ate lots of good foods! I sure did. :)

I'm taking a break from my TREAT YO'SELF sale to bring you a one-day-only Cyber Monday Sale! Everything at Mouse Trap Vintage and HumpAStuff will be 30% off! Items will be automatically discounted at the start of the sale tonight at 12am, so no coupon code is necessary. Here's some of my favorite festive pieces in both of our shops...

Also, be sure to check out our Mommy's etsy shop, Record Lady! She has over 300 premium LPs and 45s for sale that make awesome Christmas gifts for the music lovers in your life!

The Good Twin

Monday, November 14, 2011

through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops ...

This evening, I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel. Then, I made this Treasury.

If you haven't seen Elf with Will Ferrell, I suggest you start Christmas early and watch it! It's my favorite movie of all time and I never get sick of it. If you don't like it, well then you call me a Cotton-headed Ninnymuggins. Here's some scenes from the movie...

To get you in the mood for the Christmas season, here's some more Elf-inspired vintage fashion via Etsy:

snakeskin elf boots via Fondue Avenue

1940s gray wool felt hat via Female  Hysteria
1950s fur trimmed dress by Garb-Oh! Vintage
knit elfin hood by Mouse Trap Vintage (me!)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wallet dilemma and human tooth trophy

I have a weakness for fine leather goods. Especially when it's Treat Yo'Self 2011!

I picked up a rare Bonnie Cashin-era Coach wallet (left), complete with adorable kisslock compartment, at the Philly indoor fleas this weekend for a pretty sweet price (thanks to buddy Jessica's incredible haggling ability). I am trying to decide whether to keep it and replace my current, decidedly more minimal, vintage Coach wallet (right). What do you think I should do?

If I don't keep the Cashin it's heading right to the shop. Try not to let the possibility of owning her yourself sway your opinion. ;)

Gonna sleep on it! Thanks for weighing in! ...

Oh! And, I will leave you with another incredible $1 find from the fleas. It's a genuine human tooth trophy, mounted on a brass and plaster stand! A honker of a molar, to be exact. And, this one is definitely a keeper!!! If you've got a hankering for more tooth art, though, I have some in the shop.

Happy Sunday, all!

The Good Twin

Friday, November 11, 2011


I can look back two months ago and see myself acting out my own true life fairy tale.

Dream man. Dream house. Dream life. Then something inside of me woke up. More specifically -  everything that I thought was true turned out to be false. You only get one chance at this thing called life and 

....sometimes you have to act like a banana and SPLIT!

Pardon the pun. But that's just what I did. I'll spare you the details. 

Bad Twin has a new lease on life. Start me up, start me up and I'll never stop!

I've always wanted to do a photo shoot on my best buddy's fire escape. I'm loving the results. 

Introducing Humpastuff's Winter Preview! 

Red Curly Wool Dress. 

Fully lined, back zip, instantly ready to knock em dead this holiday season.

Hilarious behind the scenes shot. Next life lesson : undo the button BEFORE trying to take it off.

Black Tie Baby.

 Gorgeous "I got it at an Estate Sale" Dress. Wowzer! Asymmetrical black formal gown. Dramatic bow at the shoulder, delicate tucks at the waist, sexy side slits and it always looks best when you

 Another behind the scenes shot.

My friends, Sarah and Jimmy sure know how to make me look HOT!
But can you take a minute and give me some feedback on the location? Does it work? Am I working it? Can you see the wearability of the clothing? I am planning on including close up shots for each item but do the railings get in the way?

Both these beauties will also be available soon at Humpastuff. I'm waaaay behind on my listing. So if you are interested in any of these items feel free to contact me at

x o x o x
B A D   T W I N 

Internet Shopper : I CAN SAVE YOU $!!

Tis the season for boots. There's no shortage of styles available out there and baby you're worth it! But make sure you're a smart shopper. 

I like Free People. I don't want to sound paranoid but I find that they seem to copy my style from last year, like my awesome leopard print boots, and put them on the shelves this year with a huge price tag. But I digress. I'm blogging about how I can save you money!

While iPhone shopping before nighty-night I saw these hot boots, Avila ankle boots.
Free People $108.00
(ground shipping 5-7 days 7.95)

Then get this! While searching Modcloth for some colorful tights for the upcoming winter season...I found myself checking out what booties they had to offer....


Modcloth Meet Me in Denver Wedge 98.99
(Modcloth offers FREE ground shipping)

Everyone's trying to make a buck these days!

Bad Twin is trying to keep as many of those bucks in your pocket!!
B A D   T W I N