Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mouse Trap studio gets a makeover

I'm finally making strides at Mouse Trap studio! I am a bit of a hoarder/slob and I never thought I'd be able to share my home work space with you all. I am so proud to say I'm getting organized.

I am lucky to also have an art studio outside of my in a factory building in South Philly where I collaborate with my buddy Beth on SquidWhale Designs. We keep that space pretty tidy, but my home studio is another story. It's typically filled with piles of vintage waiting to be listed in the shop with only a tiny little path leading through it. Until a few weeks ago, for the last few years, I was packaged 5-10 orders a week on my makeshift ironing board table. Totally embarrassing situation.

Earlier this month I purchased a gorgeous piece of furniture from Craig's List, an antique old-growth pine work bench/kitchen counter with storage with chippy maroon paint. It's the PERFECT shipping station: counter height, LOTS of storage, large work surface. It fit into my Honda FIT with millimeters to spare only after Jessica and I knocked off the back splash with a hammer. It was a total steal at $75! Since I got this gem home, I filled the drawers with all my tools and shipping supplies. I rigged the window to store bubble wrap and various ribbons/yarn, too, and finally put my folksy paper towel holder to use as a washi tape dispenser. Check it out!

Here's a Treasury I composed of vintage items I've been coveting to complete my work space. Enjoy and check back for more improvements soon!

Thanks for reading!

~the good one

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  1. jeeze louise! just saw this amazing transformation!! that piece of furniture is gorgeous! and what fabulous organizing skills you have dear! nice work.