Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If you like it buy THREE

I think it was four years ago that I first saw Good Twin wearing these sandals. Oh boy was I envious! They're sort of nautical, sort of industrial and spot on trendy gladiator sandals.
There was no brand name or markings and I gave up on ever finding myself a pair after a lot of internet searches turned up nothing but Gurkees. Then out of the blue Good Twin gave me the sandals! 

What a saint!
 Otherwise I would have stolen them like I did when I wanted something of hers when we were growing up.

I wore them everyday. I wore them hiking, I wore them deep sea fishing and I wore them out on the town. They had an amazingly comfortable sole! They stayed on! They were non-slip even!

I wore them until the glue gave up. I retired them to my shoe junkyard. I'd keep them there until I found a decent cobbler (can anyone suggest a shoe dude? I'm in Boston). 

Two years ago Good Twin was browsing the sale section at Anthropology and came across a replica of the vintage sandals she had passed down.

After seeing these sandals at Anthropology Good Twin called me. I immediately ordered myself the sandals in sage green. I anxiously awaited their delivery. The delivery arrived and I tore open the box to find that Anthropology had sent me the sandals in pink. Boo. Pink. I was disappointed but I was also without my go to sandals so I wore them anyway.  The next day a second box from Anthropology arrived. I opened the box and the green sandals were inside. Hmm. Did Anthropology make a mistake? I didn't care because I had two brand new pairs of my favorite shoes. A week of glorious shoe heaven later I was taking out the trash and the bin fell over. As I was cleaning up I re-encountered an Anthropology shoe box. Inside was an order form for the pink sandals and it included a note, "Love, Sarah."  Ha, the mystery was solved, we both ordered those sandals for me. Twin power!

I thought I was set for sandals for the next two years! I planned to hoard one pair away for the following summer but I couldn't resist wearing them. It turned out that Anthropology's version of my shoe just plain sucked. The thin sole made my feet hurt and the dye stayed everywhere. The hardware rusted and the soles cracked. So when this summer started I was again in the market for sandals.

All summer I hemmed and hawed about buying sandals. Then one day my eBay search for rope sandals turned up these....

From their website:

"Welcome to Kino Sandals

Welcome to Kino Sandals, Inc. located in Key West, Florida. All of the sandals sold at Kino Sandals are handmade using natural leather uppers and natural rubber soles. They are assembled and glued in our traditional sandal factory in Kino Plaza at the corner of Greene and Fitzpatrick Streets. If you are in Key West, please feel free to visit and watch as our sandals are made.

All Original Designs

The popular and durable sandals are all original designs by Kino. They make a practical and inexpensive gift. They have been widely imitated, but they have never been duplicated. The fundamental difference is that Kino uses the traditional hand made techniques to assemble his sandals. The talent of the craftsmen can not be replaced by a machine."

All this is true! @ a cost of only $13.00/pair!!

True handmade quality and way cheaper than Anthro. 


 Look at the difference in the sole. I should have bought THREE!

Now I can finally say goodbye to the cheap imitations and keep ordering directly from Kino. Kino got sole and soul.

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B a d   T w i n

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  1. That's such an interesting chain of events! I'm not at all surprised that the Anthro version sucked. They are so overpriced for the quality. I love the sandals by the way! They look like great "go-to" sandals.