Friday, July 1, 2011

Hey Sister, Go Sister, SEW Sister!

I've been sewing a lot recently. 

More like I've been in the sewing room a lot recently, deep in thought, crouching over what I am trying to sew together.  I'm a pro at the crafter's crouch: squatting, squinting and debating long enough for my feet fall asleep and my knees to feel like outstretched rubber bands. I convinced myself I was doing something wrong.      

I wanted someone to tell me, "this is how you do it."

So, I signed up for a sewing class and I showed up with a bone to pick. I took it so serious that I was early! Then, I sat alone for over twenty minutes until another student came in the room and I mistook her for the teacher. The teacher eventually showed up, over a half an hour late, with no apology. I introduced myself and my project and I asked her what I was missing. She had the gall to tell me, "It's your's. So how ever you choose to make it, it will be great."


Quickly I figured out that the hardest part of the class was going to be finding the right question to ask( in between all the gib gab). Although the gib gab was good and I did a lot of Etsy talk. I told them about my vintage sales and handed out business my card. Both my business card and my Etsy shop banner were designed by cartoonist Box Brown( I told him it isn't the bunnies I'm trying to sell, its the HUMP)! 

Our last class came and went. I thought I would have revamped my entire Humpastuff line. Those peeping toms over at Regretsy, who don't craft anything but comments, did a feature on my shop. Of all the comments, one really made sense. There have been NO Humpastuff Plush sales (deep breath...all life is a work in progress). My most daring Humpastuff Erotic Plush, Yes She Can Can, has 13,926 hits. She's a rock star! 

Humpastuff gets the views but I'm in it to win it here. I want to create something that people want to take home.  My classmates were a good test market: older, younger, cat lady, church lady, mother and bartender all thought my lewd pillows were a hit. It took a lot of grooming but I do declare to have brought sophistication to my punk Humpastuffs! 

The beginning of a new generation. 

He's got a big ego, he can back it up.

Shaggin Wagon

Not a shy bone in their body. 

Leave a comment! I could use the feedback. 

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B a d   T w i n 

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  1. The bunnies look awesome, Mags! They've gone through so many phases and you really hit the nail on the head this time. We love ours. I'll blog about them tomorrow... :)