Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Thing - BIG Difference

I just finished my first project sewing from a pattern. 

It feels good to finish.

It's a little thing but it makes a big difference. When I start a project there's always the exciting lead off, "Yeah! I'm gonna do this."

 Most of the time, I loose interest after going insane trying to work out some kink. 
 "What the F!"

Therefore, I thought I should start out small. I decided to make a extra, extra small (infant-sized) throw back version of the hoodie, the one with the white zip. 


Little things are cute. 

 I followed all of the directions. ALL of the directions.
I ended up following E straight through  - - when it was F that I was working on. 

E was good practice.

 It was directions for the vest version of the sweatshirt. Now I understand seam binding but I also had finished the edges where I was supposed to be adding sleeves. 

Here's how the little thing made a big difference.

 I could have flipped out about ruining it and given up right then and there. 

But who could be mad at a mini red sweatshirt. 

I attached the sleeves anyway. The reality is that I need practice to build my confidence. To tell you the truth sometimes it's a challenge just to cut the fabric. I have to say to myself over and over again, 
"You will be happy when it's finished. 

Oh! Happy Day! 

I'm finished! Only took me a few hours, over two days.  
I found out that I although my Grammy passed down to me an amazing sewing kit with almost everything I have ever needed -  - there wasn't a zipper foot. I managed to find a way to attach my first zipper and now I can identify a zipper foot, and I know I need to pick one up. 

Modeling my Masterpiece 
I finally found something too small for me to squeeze into. 

B A D   T W I N 

Other mini things that I go bonkers for.........
my mini cooper
mini gherkins
baby bok choy
mini sharpie marker key chain
mini flask
mini golf
mini quiche

Tell me what mini things make you squeal???
Got a mini addiction?

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