Thursday, June 23, 2011

BLINDED me with Vintage

Found this at the thrift store.
Love the neutral cloudy day grey, cap sleeves, pencil skirt and detail at the back. Something didn't feel quite right, one of the big round buttons was held on by a safety pin, I nearly put it back on the rack but it fit me like a glove so I decided to take it home.

I should have known from the type of fabric.
It was stretchy.
But the metal zipper threw me through a loop.
BLINDED me with vintage.

Bettie Page makes fresh cuts with vintage tastes.
An admiration of the 50's style, a modest fit yet and a glamorous look, inspired the creation of this clothing retailer. It's like shopping vintage but there's one in every size!

I'm inspired!

My mom recently double dared me to buy and construct a clothing pattern. Why not make it vintage!? 

 I never resist a challenge!

these today. 

I plan to sew myself a replica of my favorite vintage blouse. I'm all about the yolk right now. 

Joules Vintage had this cute hippy maxi.

 Found wicked cool Victorian inspired 80's blouses at  Jenny Lou and Patsy Too.

Tender Lane supplied me with this lovely 50's blouse pattern, they have over 125 vintage patterns to choose from!!

this apron dress but I always feel that the bodice is just too short for my long torso.
boo! blogger just WILL NOT let me upload this picture right side up! 

Time to take matters into my own hands!

Midvale Cottage is an Etsy shop dedicated to vintage patterns.
I'm about to buy this one.
Well, the pattern will soon be mine, that means that if I produce a dress THIS summer I'll be proud of myself.

I also bought this at stupid Joann's Fabrics (hate that place).
I plan to make a mini red sweatshirt. 
But not for a child...

is next in line for reconstruction. Going for as cute as I can get!

Wish me luck! 

B A D   T W I N 

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  1. I still have the cute Simplicity hippy maxi pattern. :)
    Great to discover your blog!