Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Thing - BIG Difference

I just finished my first project sewing from a pattern. 

It feels good to finish.

It's a little thing but it makes a big difference. When I start a project there's always the exciting lead off, "Yeah! I'm gonna do this."

 Most of the time, I loose interest after going insane trying to work out some kink. 
 "What the F!"

Therefore, I thought I should start out small. I decided to make a extra, extra small (infant-sized) throw back version of the hoodie, the one with the white zip. 


Little things are cute. 

 I followed all of the directions. ALL of the directions.
I ended up following E straight through  - - when it was F that I was working on. 

E was good practice.

 It was directions for the vest version of the sweatshirt. Now I understand seam binding but I also had finished the edges where I was supposed to be adding sleeves. 

Here's how the little thing made a big difference.

 I could have flipped out about ruining it and given up right then and there. 

But who could be mad at a mini red sweatshirt. 

I attached the sleeves anyway. The reality is that I need practice to build my confidence. To tell you the truth sometimes it's a challenge just to cut the fabric. I have to say to myself over and over again, 
"You will be happy when it's finished. 

Oh! Happy Day! 

I'm finished! Only took me a few hours, over two days.  
I found out that I although my Grammy passed down to me an amazing sewing kit with almost everything I have ever needed -  - there wasn't a zipper foot. I managed to find a way to attach my first zipper and now I can identify a zipper foot, and I know I need to pick one up. 

Modeling my Masterpiece 
I finally found something too small for me to squeeze into. 

B A D   T W I N 

Other mini things that I go bonkers for.........
my mini cooper
mini gherkins
baby bok choy
mini sharpie marker key chain
mini flask
mini golf
mini quiche

Tell me what mini things make you squeal???
Got a mini addiction?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

BLINDED me with Vintage

Found this at the thrift store.
Love the neutral cloudy day grey, cap sleeves, pencil skirt and detail at the back. Something didn't feel quite right, one of the big round buttons was held on by a safety pin, I nearly put it back on the rack but it fit me like a glove so I decided to take it home.

I should have known from the type of fabric.
It was stretchy.
But the metal zipper threw me through a loop.
BLINDED me with vintage.

Bettie Page makes fresh cuts with vintage tastes.
An admiration of the 50's style, a modest fit yet and a glamorous look, inspired the creation of this clothing retailer. It's like shopping vintage but there's one in every size!

I'm inspired!

My mom recently double dared me to buy and construct a clothing pattern. Why not make it vintage!? 

 I never resist a challenge!

these today. 

I plan to sew myself a replica of my favorite vintage blouse. I'm all about the yolk right now. 

Joules Vintage had this cute hippy maxi.

 Found wicked cool Victorian inspired 80's blouses at  Jenny Lou and Patsy Too.

Tender Lane supplied me with this lovely 50's blouse pattern, they have over 125 vintage patterns to choose from!!

this apron dress but I always feel that the bodice is just too short for my long torso.
boo! blogger just WILL NOT let me upload this picture right side up! 

Time to take matters into my own hands!

Midvale Cottage is an Etsy shop dedicated to vintage patterns.
I'm about to buy this one.
Well, the pattern will soon be mine, that means that if I produce a dress THIS summer I'll be proud of myself.

I also bought this at stupid Joann's Fabrics (hate that place).
I plan to make a mini red sweatshirt. 
But not for a child...

is next in line for reconstruction. Going for as cute as I can get!

Wish me luck! 

B A D   T W I N 

Friday, June 17, 2011


Bad Twin here...it took me so long to figure out that I'm a procrastinator. 

Here I am blogging about my sister's wedding almost three weeks later.

A million thanks to Maria @ Adelaide Home Sewn Blog, she blew me away with her amazing take on this event. She's featured the Hobo Wedding not once, but twice on her blog. She's gorgeous, she takes gorgeous pictures AND she outfitted the mother of the bride!

I really mean this when I say it - talking about Sarah's wedding will never get old. Inside the story of this glorious event are life lessons -about beauty being in the eye of the beholder and the wonderment of finding a new use for something old. 

There's also a fairy tale ending - - - where my sister finds her soul mate and they tie the knot in the most original and totally outrageous hoedown! 

You WISH you were there. 

I swear that some of the neighbors crashed the party like a couple of hobos...but we expected that because it was A HOBO WEDDING!

Sarah knew exactly what she wanted. I just wanted to help. 

Here's how we set up Hobo Camp. 

My cousin Justine, my mommy and my little sister cut triangles out of old quilts to make bunting for the tent. 

This baby blue quilt came from Elizabeth's Linens @Etsy.  Sarah hunted for damaged and moldy quilts so she wouldn't feel so guilty cutting them up. It didn't work. One quilt from the 30's actually used an older quilt for it's innards. The hidden quilt was a gem. It was made out of denim. We torn off the quilt top like you rip open presents as kids.  

Look what was hidden inside for so many years...

Look who enjoyed the quilting circle the most.

Sarah ordered all her flowers for the boutonnieres, bindles and centerpieces 
Dried Flowers Direct. That way she could make the arrangements herself and as far in advance as she wanted. 




Some people ask me if it was hard to see my twin sister get married. We were never the type of twins who did the same thing ans the same time. Planning one wedding is enough. I'd much rather be Pippa (the babealicious sister of the bride) anyway. 

Look what the cat dragged in...!!!

Peach blouse from The Greatest Friend. 
Peach Feedsack Overalls from Closet Case Vintage 

Bunny and Clyde Humpastuff Prototype...I finally have a mascot for my Etsy shop!
LOOK CLOSELY -->  heart shaped patch on my ass;) 

Thirteen Eighty Five Cotton Feed Sack Dress
This feedsack dress from Thirteen Eighty Five was the first sewing project of an 11 year old girl. It is dated and graded. Little Miss Jenny Brown made it look like it was made for her! I can't help but think about what became of that little girl and if she only knew how sturdy her stitches were and what a long lasting effect it has had on so many. 

The band played all night (until the cops came knocking). Then it was just the crackle of the barrel fires and the jingle jangle of the wind chimes to keep us company long into the night.  

My guy Johnny's standby One-Stop-Shop 

Cafe Society in Brookline, MA

The woman who owns this shop hand picks her vintage gems and has some of the best menswear around Boston.  Sometimes when I drop in she's mending a loose button. I admire the love she gives to each piece in the store and I can't wait to show her the wedding pictures. 

That's the man! The one with the red bow tie. He's the crook! 

He's the one who stole my sister's heart!

Gosh, I just love Box Brown. I love all these other dudes too. 

Bandannas bought from Mrrikvilla @etsy. 
Doesn't seem to be currently open so if you're in the market for a bandanna bow tie check out my friend's version here Carrie Sew Fancy @Etsy. 

Please check out Adelaide's Home Sewn! She's got a bunch of adorable and affordable dresses in her shop. I admire her for her exquisite taste and her love for what's lost.   

This dress sat in her shop for longer than she expected. That's because it was meant for my mother. It arrived beautifully packaged with the sweetest note. The note's sentiment will outlast it's physical life hanging on the front of my mother's fridge. The dress has found a forever home. Thank you Maria! You gave this dress a whole new life. 

Sarah knew that she wanted our mommy to walk her down the isle. 

 Beautiful Cindy Lou and her baby girl. 

(We're just like pork and beans)