Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Evolution of the Donkey: One Year on Etsy

My Etsy baby, Humpastuff Vintage and Erotic Plush, is turning ONE!

My first year wrap up...

Vintage sales have been steady and the feedback has been very encouraging. I love modeling the clothes, researching labels, AND the Etsy community. 

Special shout out to my twin sister, Sarah @ Mouse Trap Vintage! We haven't been closer in all our lives!! Etsy has become a forum for us to meet and discuss although we're hours apart. Virtual HUG!!! 

Humpastuff Plush, Yes She CanCan, has over 10,000 views.  That's a lot of peeping toms, click here, and you can see her too. That's an incredible amount of attention! It's like having 10,000 people window shop my gallery!! 

Yet not a single plush sale. 

That tells me that my sexy pillows are wicked hot but not the kind you take home to your mother. 

Humpastuff Plush needs to evolve!!

Erotic plush goes HD! 

The Evolution of the Donkey

I found this little book at my local thrift store. 
Adventures in Toy Making! <----great title!!
It turned out to be a big help with breathing a little life into Donkey Kong. 

Donkey Kong is becoming a tight assed little plush. 

The Evolution of Bunny and Clyde 

My original sketch. 

Bunny and Clyde. Flat and personality-less. 

 Bunny and Clyde caught acting like rabbits and now truly deserving the honor of being the mascot of Humpastuff. 

Humpastuff Erotic Plush have been reborn!

Get your's reserved today!

B A D  T W I N

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  1. WOW! Awesome improvements, Mags! It's so cool to see how far you've come with the plush AND I LOVE the fabric choices on Donkey Kong and Bunny and Clyde. CONGRATS on your 1 year Etsy-versary!!! <3