Thursday, February 10, 2011


 From a Sol LeWitt draftsman
displayed at  MASSMOCA
 Sol LeWitt Exhibit till 2033

M A K E   Y O U R   R E A L I T Y 

I was honored to be invited to participate in Woodshed III.  A five day, 100 hour, biennial collage marathon and exhibition hosted by MCLA's Galley 51, in North Adams Massachusetts. Reality is rapidly realized as  30 artists create. And we create a lot. We are in fact part of the instillation, working, collaborating, and talking to the public. The culmination is an art show yet it's also a revolutionary event. 
A peaceful revolution where the gallery and the artists convene in a barrier breaking summit.

Click the picture to find MCLA's Gallery 51 

Woodshed II was two years ago. That was where Entertainment Tonight was conceptualized and the original was sold! Sparks ignited at The Woodshed II inspired my Etsy shop, Humpastuff Erotic Plush and Vintage. I've been like a wild fire sewing and listing vintage wear ever since. Yes She Can Can Humpastuff Plush now has almost 10,000 hits! 

Entering Woodshed III I was challenged to tone down Humpastuff Plush. The gallery suggested that my erotic plush was too suggestive. I was happy to have had such a lasting effect! I was also happy to redirect my pillow passions. 

I dreamed I made a sly comment that sex is art and art is sex! 

 I decided to make my dreams into reality. I nipped, tucked and dissected my pillow people and realized their potential as a collage. What was born was my first quilt. 

So I began to plan the quilt. Where to start? A name. I took a shot at myself, the fact that this is my first quilt, and I thought The Baby Blanket would be a great name.  

The Baby Blanket matured as I selected images to collage.
Doesn't this penis look like an alien?
Anatomy is art.
I bought an overhead projector and used it to make templates for the quilt.

This is the image as I planned. 

Breasts, an addendum;)
Tester Birds. 
Tester Bee. 

Rise and Shine and Collage! Day three of the sit-in at Gallery 51. 

Someone had time for a nap.

Where other's quit after their 10 hours per day in the gallery a crazy pack of us kept pumping out work into the wee hours in the morning. Thanks MASSMoCA for putting us up in the intern housing!

The Finished Product
The Baby Blanket

My second quilt.

I know it would be challenging to finish two quilts in 100 hours but The Woodshed is a vortex of energy. Like in a marathon, the other participants only encourage you to achieve your optimal output. 

My inspiration, Rousseau's The Dream.

One quadrant projected.
I attacked this quilt in three layers; the background, mid-ground, and foreground. 
The background. 

Tools of the trade.
I love my Exacto Knife and
spray adhesive!

The background utilizes my two favorite colors, slate gray and saffron. Don't you just love the bird!

Some mid ground and foreground pieces of the puzzle. 

She'll look like Eve in the jungle of Eden. 
I've got plans to add a snake in the foreground. 

                                                     An ode to Bananas, by Dan Koeppel.
 A most amazing read about The United Fruit Company and the root of multinational corporations and globalization.  

Wildlife! Eyes coming soon. 

I call this quilt, The Hope Chest. 
 The Baby Blanket and The Hope Chest complete my first quilt collection. The collection is dedicated to the miracle of life and the rejuvenating collaboration found only at The Woodshed.

I hope to finish it asap so I can post an update here at Good Twin Bad Twin!
                                          My plan is to add detail to the foliage by quilting it in!

Bring Your Own Thimble
Where's the nearest quilting circle?
Thank you for all your hospitality MASS MoCA,
MCLA, BCRC, and Gallery 51!!!
Inspiration for my next quilt from the Sol LeWitt Exhibit
Arial view of neighborhoods. Urban sprawl - what a great comment on reproduction!

Bad Twin's next blog...
     You May Have Seen Us in the Boston Globe! 
     Inside Woodshed III 

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  1. It's incredible what you accomplished in such a short period of time, Mags! My competitive spirit is kicking in - must work harder!!! haha ... I am so proud of you and think these quilts are beautiful and complex. Well done!!!! <3

  2. This is amazing! I am so inspired to move beyond rectangles and squares in my next quilt.

  3. Thank you Sarah! Woodshed boasts 100 hour marathon but I worked amongst other gung-ho artists through the night and into the morning night after night! There were days some of us didn't eat! But at the end of the day someone always foraged a pizza or Chinese food and a thirty pack of PBR so no one ever went hungry or without beer in hand. There's truly something to group mentality. Everyone was pushed to the edge. Very unique!

    Thank you Christine for the positive feedback! I bought the book, how to make Amish quilts, and then I broke all the rules! Good luck with your next quilt and please, come back and show me how it turned out:)

  4. Just amazing Maggie. Your "baby quilt" is gorgeous! And the penis design is so artistic and hardly sexual at all! ;) And the new quilt is going to be magnificent. So complex and incredibly creative. All I can say is "WOW"!