Sunday, February 27, 2011

Good Twin goes BAD

Good Twin's booby Eggs Benedict must have sparked this stunning collection!
A dress form can do magic for photo shoots but nothing compares to finding a model who fills out your merchandise. 


Sarah Lou from Mouse Trap Vintage makes this dress pop with a little cleavage.  

For someone who always dresses from the past, Good Twin rarely features the 80's.
Here's Good Twin showing off her Vogue. 

Strike a pose!

Bergdorf and Goodman skirt suit set available at Humpastuff 

Laura Ashley Double Breasted Corduroy Sailor Dress available at Humpastuff

Just in case you aren't familiar of God Twin's throw back style here's some insight to her favorite eras and styles. 

Sarah, soon to be Mrs. Box Brown, (awww) is planning a wedding. 

Weddings show off a couple's style. In this case, Miss Original is marring Mr. Comic Book Man. Their first baby isn't a wee one it's a full theatrical production. A Hobo Wedding!  
A Hobo Wedding Website

Sarah's into historical apparel. The older the better, sometimes a hole that is delicately patched by hand will make Good Twin drool. She overheard in twitterverse that someone bought one but left behind two authentic hand made Amish dresses. She made a mad dash to make them hers for just a short while. Good Twin cherished this find and documented each once with care. They're now listed on her Etsy page.  Click the picture for a link:) 

So now you've seen Good Twin gone Bad and Bad Twin go Amish..




how our mom used to dress us!


Good Twin and Bad Twin 


  1. Awesome post, Mags! LOVE that egg boobies pic, the ones where I'm modeling are growing on me. I don't think I'm as good at it as you are, but I did my best. Love you, badder (read "better") version of myself. :)

  2. Bad Twin & Good Twin circa 1985...sporting matching Ramie Cotton v-neck sweaters from the House Of J.C.Penney. Bad twin is full of Spunk & Spice in her cobalt blue model, while Good Twin charms the camera in the purple version of the exact same sweater. Bad Twin's curly little ponytail and Good Twin's "princess style" coiffures courtesy of Mom.

  3. I Love Love Love this blog Maggie! Sarah makes an excellent Bad Twin, showing off your beautiful dresses with sexy perfection...and you make an absolutely adorable little Amish girl. I love the shoes and stockings with the short little dress too. Mommy loves her Good Twin & Bad Twin sooooooo much!!!