Monday, January 17, 2011

Who you calling a clown!!!!

G o o d   T w i n   B a d  T w i n  

Christmas 2010 Photo Shoot

Good twin calls this clowning around. 

Bad twin calls it a bad ass collaboration.

Novelist Erica Jong really clarifies it for us....

"Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow that 'talent' to the dark place where it leads." 

Beaver Pom Wool Swing Coat, Sissy Polka Dot Blouse, Nubby Blue Skirt, and Vintage Puff Sleeve Blouse available at Mouse Trap Vintage.  Click the pictures for a link!

Coming  s o o n  to 
Humpastuff  V i n t a g e

Coming  s o o n  to 
Humpastuff  E r o t i c   P l u s h 
Golden Spork

Tooth Fairy Pillow



  1. Man that stuff is cool! I can't wait to see the Tooth Fairy pillow. Are you creating these for an art show?

  2. My tooth fairy pillow's secret pouch is in the gap:0 I'm real proud of it!
    These humps of stuff are the class of 2011.
    For that art show I'm making an epic collage quilt and I will share it here as I prep etc. Thanks for asking. Thanks for the comment!!!

  3. Awesome post, Mags! Glad you're sharing what you've been working on in the studio. Exciting stuff! Also, I LOVE that pink dress! It looks adorable!!!