Friday, January 21, 2011

Flying SOLO!

F L Y I N G   S O L O !

I did a lot of traveling so far this winter. I was treated like a lady in Ireland and I treated myself like a lady in San Fran. We've had a lot of snow this year, I live in Boston, yet somehow my travel experience was incredibly seamless. 

I arrived in one piece in Ireland although my luggage didn't. 

So the outfit you see just below was the only one I had. 

I could have freaked out. I almost did. I was thinking specifically about the brand new black suede wedges I had just bought and couldn't bare to imagine my nights out in Ireland without my new obsession. Packing is an extremely intimate thing, I had outfits planned and I wanted to wear them! 

Luckily my man knows someone, who knows someone, who's sister worked at The Air Lingus baggage department. She located my luggage in London and expedited it's delivery straight to the front door! 

Traveling Companions
(What I feel comfortable in!)

Airport Anxiety 

My boyfriend bought this killer cozy sweater jacket for me for Christmas from  
Midnight Flight. This vintage seller rocks! They quickly reserve! They communicate well! They ship fast! 
AND the shop isn't just trying to fill pages they dedicate the space to unique vintage clothes that warrant your attention. 
These are my everyday shoes from Possumgully. A little heel and a lot of sass. 

Finish off any outfit with a pair of leather gloves

Good Bye 2010! 2011 is looking  g o o d!  New Year's Eve in Ireland. 

I found this suede dress at my favorite thrift store in Boston, Urban Renewals.

This black suede snap front dress with ruching an exceptional example of Michael Hoban's counterculture designs for North Beach Leather. Check out the peacock sheen on those flowers. 

What can I say, it fits me like a glove. 
Gotta market the merchandise! Find it in my shop here

Sigerson and Morrison nailed it with these super hot, super manageable heels. 
Black suede, almond shaped toe with a t strap.
Wearable day into night and cobblestone ready. 
Sigerson and Morrison are having a 70% off sale right now!

My best buddy from collage found his dream woman and they got hitched! 
I had no choice but to join in the celebration! There is no limit to the funk in San Fran, so I pulled out all the stops! 

Winter Wedding in the Mission

BCBG gray dress with netted collar and fringe.
J.Crew sheer black tights with a back seam.
Masterpiece of a jacket I bought at a boutique in Boston.
Fur clutch found at a flea market north of Boston called Todd Farm Antiques and Flea Market. 
(Good twin's got the eye for spotting gems and I just follow her around and beg for her cast offs!) 

When I got back to Boston I had only one thing on my mind. Seeing a old friend. 
My favorite reliable thrift shop! 
Urban Renewals never had a dud of a day. 


Gorgeous gray wool swing jacket. 
Buttons that look like your staring into a black hole. 
Curly wool collar. Fully lined in peach. 
C o m i n g   S o o n  to  H u m p a s t u f f 

Sometimes you gotta treat yourself, right?
The following items were hand picked by me, for ME!

gray silk top

Cream mini pompom sweater.

Cardigan. Corduroy skirt.  

Ahhh it's a privilege to travel - but it's a blessing to be    h o m e  !

This is  my first solo photo shoot. I aimed, I clicked, I posed!

My camera has two features that made this possible. Face recognition - so as long as I didn't look into the camera it wouldn't start flashing AND a timer with the option to take three consecutive pictures!

I'd love your feedback!

B a d  T w i n


  1. Love your outfits, Mags! You did a great job flyin' solo! I'm also in love with that coat you found with the curly lamb hair collar!

  2. Wonderful photos of a beautiful young woman in lovely outfits. I was wondering who took all those great photos of you...and it turns out to be, none other than YOU! How multi-talented you are Maggie Hunt. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. I love you so much!