Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crafts for Poor People

If you don't know already, I work part-time as an Admissions Counselor for Moore College of Art & Design. Every year I orchestrate a holiday craft demo and workshop for our office's student workers. In the past we've decorated gingerbread *ahem* ladies, made donut hole snowmen and candy snails and mushrooms (thank you, Martha) - all perishable stuffs. It was fun (i.e. we all ate too much sugar and bounced off the walls while listening to the Elf soundtrack), but this year I wanted to do something I bit more lasting.

I looked to Amy Sedaris' new book, Simple Times: Crafting for Poor People, for inspiration and found some right on the cover - pom poms!

Last year I used red yarn to make pom poms to decorate my Christmas tree ... correction: Christmas ladder ... and to tie atop all of the gifts I gave. They seemed like the perfect solution as they fit all of the criteria: 1. cheap 2. easy 3. quick. I am happy to report that all of the ladies had a blast making pom poms today, as did all of the rest of the Admissions staff.

Here's some fantastic ideas for cheap, easy and quick holiday gifts/decor for friends or family, all made exclusively from yarn!

Pom pom scarf/necklace/headband/belt (multi-purpose = awesome!)

(Got the idea from the Bleubird Vintage blog,  instructions here! Sorry that pic of me wearing it is not so good. My "backdrop" is only waist high, so I had to lay down - haha!)

Pom pom shoe"clips" (they don't really clip, they just tie on)

Pom pom brooch (just hot glue a pin back on a single pom. Forgot to take a pic - Sorry!)

OR you could use the pom poms to make festive garlands, ornaments, gift wrap (think I mentioned this already) or cat toys!!! My cats love the sh*t out of some yarn!)

Next up in the Crafts for Poor People segment ... tin can stilts!!! (jk)

 Now go forth and make pom poms!Oh, and buy Amy Sedaris' book already!



  1. i love the pompoms!!! and your photo just looks arty - hehe

  2. I am sooo arty, perhaps too arty to take a straight picture of myself. hehe!

    Thank you! You're the best for the RT & for your wonderful blog commentary! <3

  3. you look beautiful in that lounging photo! great blog post! (I always wondered how you knew how to make pompoms)