Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Clowning around with Mags

I have always been a very theatrical person and a costume-y dresser, but my inner-clown is really coming out now! Bear with me as I share some clowny inspirations and clown-themed photo shoots. I need to get this out of my system ...

Some inspirations ...  

My favorite page from Simple Times, Amy Sedaris as the perfect hobo clown

I picked up this little antique cardboard box at the Philly (indoor!) fleas last weekend

An old postcard from my inspiration bulletin board (JUST noticed the pom poms on her shoes!)

Maggie and I had very little time together this Christmas, but we did manage to squeeze in a mini-photoshoot at mom's. Maggie was a little under the weather, but still willing to put on my be-pommed boots and clown around a bit in front of the camera.

Many of the items in the photos above, including the glorious 1940s beaver trim swing coat, navy six-gored skirt, navy and white polka dot pussy bow blouse and teal puff-sleeved top with keyhole,  are coming to the shop tonight and there will be MUCH, MUCH more is coming this week!

Thanks for reading!


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