Friday, November 12, 2010

Max Fischer, I love you

Dressing Maggie up in this red beret this weekend reminded me of my favorite film character of all time, Max Fischer, and his spiffy ensembles. This is for you, Max!

On Maggie:
Vintage red wool beret (coming soon to the shop!)
Vintage windowpane print scarf in burgundy and red (coming soon to the shop!)
Vintage Tommy Hilfiger wool cable knit pullover (in the shop!)
Vintage ROASTING CHESTNUTS cashmere blend trouser by YSL (in the shop!) 

Lots of new goodies in the shop this week! FINALLY back at home after my busy travel season for my college admissions job. Visit soon and often!



  1. Love it! I found a brown beret at the antique mall last weekend and just yelled at Andy because I haven't seen it since. Apparently it's in a box in the garage. But your post is making me want to retrieve and keep it for myself!

  2. Don't you love ME?! Beautiful blog! Our photo shoot pics seamlessly blend with the clips from the movie.