Thursday, November 18, 2010


I lurve vintage quilts, but am almost as intrigued by the dizzying patterns of cheater quilt fabrics. Cheater quilts mimic the look of actual painstakingly hand crafted quilts, but with 1/1000th of the work. Perhaps I appreciate these cheats because I lack the time and patience to take up quilting myself (Me = lazy). More likely it's because I love pattern on pattern on pattern (infinity) and these fabrics are just that.

I just listed this SWEET chevron "cheater quilt" quilted jacket  in my shop:

Here's some amazing cheater quilt fabrics available on Etsy now, for all your lazy quilting needs:


On the horizon for my new textile design co., SquidWhale Designs, is a collection of "cheater quilt" style fabric.  I haven't done any of the work yet, but I can feel it. Can you feel it? In the meanwhile, check out what's been going on at SquidWhale Designs. We've (mostly my partner Beth has, let's be honest) been working hard to roll out some new embroidered brooches and wall wear and card sets and prints are coming soon! Check 'em out!


(PS: Sorry there's no links to the fabric on Etsy! For some reason Blogspot won't allow me to attach links and I lost my patience. If you want to know how to find them, just ask!)


  1. This is such a great post. I have been thinking about quilts a lot lately too and with moving into our dream apartment I NEED to have one in my new bedroom.
    I hope life is treating you two ladies amazing!

  2. Hey Crystal! Thanks so much for your comment and for keeping up with goodtwinbadtwin and SquidWhale Designs! You're the BEST!

    I LOVE quilts!!! I have them on my walls, my bed, and even have pillows made out of them. The awesome thing is you can find wonderful, usable examples that are really affordable. Good luck in the search for the perfect quilt to complement your new home!!!


  3. My Grandmother made cheater quilts for us... and I would love to find a fabric similar to what she used.... do you have any of the fabric picture above... it is the 3rd fabric from the bottom.... would love to have about 4 yards of it... .please let me know.

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