Sunday, October 31, 2010


 My Grandmother taught me how to sew.
I remember her watching over me as I followed a simple pillow pattern of Rainbow Bright.We turned it right side out and hand stitched the hole. My first pillow!

The sewing machine I use today was the one I lugged out of her apartment after she passed. I also took her sewing box. Inside were stacks of zippers so old the unopened packages were faded and the plastic was crumbling. The thread, on wooden spools, was so brittle it snapped with stress.

The sewing machine manual was faded yet intact.
Each presser foot was accounted for.
She had both an electric and a simple stitch cutter.
She even had the Singer brand sewing machine oil.

It's been ten years since my Grandmother's death. Since then, I continued to make pillows using her simple instructions. That sewing box has been filled with my own supplies and tools.

My skills on the machine developed during this time. When I was in college, I sewed enough pillows to camouflage the shabby couch at my first apartment.

it was my imagination that proved to be my motivation to continue sewing.

I repurposed a body pillow into a self portrait pillow silhouette. It was a present for my boyfriend and I hoped it would keep my place in his bed while I jet set off to be a world traveler.

He had company.

I was comforted.


My Self Image Humpastuff Plush can bring life to your dreams. 

I had a dream I was a pillow. 
I was silky and plush with a sultry side 
and a side that was good as gold.
 I had red flowing hair and the perfect 
amount of (cl)ass. 


My Self Image Plush is totally equipped for novelty pleasure. Take me home, available at my Etsy shop, or use me as inspiration to create your own custom pillow likeness. 

My favorite recreation is the Yes She Can-can Plush.
Yes She Can-can Humpastuff Plush was inspired by an armchair pillow, she offers support for your back in bed or on the floor with with (cl)ass. She is larger than life sized at 45" from her chest to her toes. 
Yes She Can-can Humpastuff Plush available on Etsy
I think Grammy Darlyn would have gotten a kick out of my erotic pillows. She would have at least had an off handed comment about how they might help me to find a husband.

Oh my Darlyn!

Last weekend my family got together. We took out her photo collection.

Darlyn Miller was born in 1923.

When I was a child she would plead for just a single ringlet from my head of curls. She joked that with that lock of hair she could transform her wiry gray to tousled tendrils.

What I never knew then -
was that Darlyn had passed on to me her fine, shiny waves. 

I present the following photographs in honor of my Grammy, the young Darlyn, and the tradition of passing on genetics and hobbies.

Darlyn at 14.  Handmade lace collar.  Classic 30's curls kept away from the face.

 Crisp white shirt and beauty marks.   

Proper Grad. Proper Pea Coat. 
Natural curls at a modest wartime wedding. Fashionable bridal point sleeves and short veil. Bust and waist emphasized by shoulder and hip gathers. 

Dimpled young professional.  


Post war fashion - Family life.
Ready to wear fashions and synthetic materials were introduced to create The Housewife.   

Darlyn Miller married William Houser. She was the proud mother of three. Her youngest, my mother, was not yet born in the picture above. She continued to be active into her old age, gardening, skiing and most importantly spending time with her family. She put potato chips on top of her casseroles, sang "nobody loves me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms", and knew that we needed her even if we screamed bloody murder when she tried to clean our rooms. Thank you Grammy for teaching me how to sew. 

Humps of love, 
B a d  T w i n 

P.S. -

I'd love to make a pillow out of you. I'll even do couples;) A custom pair of Humpastuff Plush is a great wedding or bachelor/ette party present! Contact me if you are interested. I've made the bride AND the groom blush! Oh my Darlyn! 


  1. My darling Magggie...My eyes are brimming with tears from your beautiful tribute to Grammy. What wonderful memories you have, and how perfectly you wove them into the magnificent person you are today. I am so proud of you, and so grateful for your beautiful sentiments and photos. I know Grammy is smiling like crazy in Heaven today! I love you so very much...<3<3<3 Ur Mommy

  2. Mom! You have bridged the technology gap and made a comment! You are amazing! I cried too. I was whimpering when I read the blog to Johnny. Goes to show how much Grammy really did influence me and what a wonderful family we have. Yes, she would be proud of each and every one of us, even the sex pillows;) Love you so so so very much.

  3. Mommy and Mags, even thought I don't believe in heaven, the same thought popped into my mind - that Grammy is smiling down from heaven. Seeing these beautiful photos and reading what you wrote made me tear up too, but also realize how important she was in all of our lives. Too bad she passed on when we were teens and too immature to recognize this. I miss her (and all of you) like crazy! Still planning on naming my girl child Olive Darlyn Brown. :)