Friday, October 8, 2010

The birds of Annville

I discovered the Annville Antiques Station place back in September when I was in Harrisburg for work. It's located in Annville, PA in the Lebanon Valley. I highly recommend making the trip there! Expect 30,000+ sq. feet of antiques at very affordable prices . There's also an attached thrift store with lots of unbelievable deals and a VERY overpriced antiques section (make sure to skip right over that area).

My favorite find from this week's trip to the Station is a pair of feather art "pea fowls" (that's what the seller named them, but I believe they're ruffled grouse, PA's state bird). The birds were painted with with watercolor and embellished with actual feathers. I imagine the artist drew these birds from life shortly after they were killed, then plucked the feathers from the birds and arranged them onto the drawing; a sort-of two-dimensional taxidermy.

Included was a photo from the previous owner of the feather art framed on their living room wall!

The bird on the right hanging from the red string will be framed and hanging in my living room soon. The bird on the left hanging from the green string along with the photograph will be up in the shop tonight.

Along with these birds, I also scored two real fox tail key chains a set of three child-sized bowties in red, navy and green and a Sherlock Homles-esque ladies hat. All of these will be in the shop soon!


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