Monday, September 20, 2010


Three of my drawings are currently in an art show, GRAPHITE, at Barefoot Doctor Community Acupuncture in Fishtown. The opening reception was this past Friday. I shared the walls with Justin Grant, Aubrie Costello and Anne Canfield, three fantastic Philadelphia artists who show far more often than myself. The show was curated by Darla Jackson, amazing sculptor and college chum.

My drawings were inspired by the animal dances of the Ragtime Era (I have this DVD, it's awesome!), acting improvisation and my very flexible model and business partner, Beth.

Here's some images from the opening reception. I am horrible at documenting my work properly, so please excuse the glare on the glass ...

My model, Beth, lounging in one of the anti-gravity chairs:

Detail of "The Chicken Scratch"

"The Grizzly Bear" in the foreground, "The Chicken Scratch" just beyond

"The Chicken Scratch"

"The Frog Hop" in the foreground

Mr. Brian Brown (my fiance) checks out the work of Justin Grant

Me with my work. Thanks for looking!


  1. Sarah! These drawing are spectacular! Looks like Beth had a lot of fun and like you have a wild side! Love it!

  2. Thanks, Mags! They're from '09, but have only shown them once before and unframed. We did have a BLAST taking the photos i drew from. hehe... :)

  3. Sarah, I love the drawings! (And you are too cute!)

    I watched a little of the video on your link--omg, the Grizzly Bear! Love it. I would love to see the Squirrel.

  4. Thanks, Karen! You're the best! :)

    Isn't that video awesome!? Like I said, I purchased a copy from Ebay and it is what inspired this series of drawings. Also, I freaked out when Steve Buscemi and his date did the "Grizzly" on the opening episode of "Boardwalk Empire". Watch it!!!