Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Fashion Preview

Bad Twin's Guide to Looking Good this F a l l

(It is the first day of Fall. Tomorrow it's gonna be 80 degrees up here in Boston, go figure) 

S c h o o l ' s   o p e n ! 
Fall's a great excuse to go preppy.

It's only a school boy crush.

Indulge your little school girl. 

D r a m a   C l u b   P r e s e n t s ! 

Dramatically feminine 
Lovelorn lace

Period peace. 

Leading role, frills.

Supporting role, ruffles.


T h e   S o c i a l !

At the dance some girls were flirtatious. 

Some girls were glamorous. 

Some girls were both.

     Last year's boots, fur (fake or not) and leather jacket are back on the   h o n o r   r o l e.

Double breasted western with fringe

Sage suede and canvas motorcycle 

Vegan friendly sailor 

Italian nude leather bomber with buckle

Brown cropped suede  

T e a c h e r ' s   P e t !

Icelandic natural wool

Golden Books History of The United States of America vol 1-10
Illustrated by Alton S. Tobey 

High waisted brown wool pants



Many items above are already available at Humpastuff Vintage and Plush on Etsy.  The entire Fall Preview Collection coming very, very soon. 

As for accessories for Autumn the only thing I can recommend is EmergenC! Ha! Happy Fall! 

B a d   T w i n    

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  1. This is a fantastic post, Mags! I love how you woven the "back to school" in there, especially the Drama Club section (of course! haha!). Keep up the awesome work! POST AWAY!!!! <3