Sunday, August 22, 2010

Should I ever fall ill

I hope someone sends me something this sweet ...



  1. Thanks, Amanda! :)

    I had to photo it so I could (hopefully) send it off to a new home without missing it too much.

  2. That penmanship! Soon such examples of beautiful handwriting really will be rare artifacts, won't they? Great find, Sarah.

  3. Thanks, Karen! They are sooo rare! I tried searching on Ebay for similar examples or for older examples of calligraphy drawings and they're either non-existent or VERY expensive.

  4. Thanks, Kristi! It really made mine, too, when I found it. Then, I lost it for an entire year in my studio and found it again. It's like an archeological dig back there haha!

  5. this is amazing. I want to know everything. where are they from? who, I wonder, wrote this? so inventive. 1920s twittering. penmanship. a parlor hand with a masculine hint to it, I think. another reason I love doing the vintage. it is absolutely like archeology, domestic archeology....

    from luncheonettevintage

  6. Thanks for your comment, Jana! I totally agree with you about "doing the vintage". It feels like archeology to me, too. Especially when I dig something up I bought years ago and forgot about in my own messy studio... I found this one in an antique shop in Bellevue, KY just south of Cincinnati, OH last year when I was there traveling for work. It seems that the journals were written by friends of someone who'd fallen ill and was in the hospital recovering. Filled with signatures and beautiful penmanship and well-wishings of all sorts. So lovely...