Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good-bye wisdom

On Thursday at exactly 12:30PM, I am saying "good-bye" to my wisdom ... teeth, that is. #1 & #16, to be exact.

Here's some X-rays. This first little guy is #1. This was taken a few years back, when he was only half-way down. Now he's completely in!

When this was taken little baby #16 hadn't even come down far enough to show up in the picture yet and now he's halfway in ...

I have been having stress dreams out the wazoo (partially work-related, partially teeth-related). To make myself feel better, I have been looking at these images from "A Child's Book of the Teeth" (via Some Girls Wander, one of my favorite internet ladies). Don't they make you want to take care of your teeth?

Should I get to keep my extracted teeth and they're not in bits, I will share pictures here soon. Here's hoping!



  1. Thanks, Kristi! I am getting really nervous... eek!