Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brimfield Antiques and Collectibles by Bad Twin

for the last week of Brimfield Antique Fair until next summer!
Looking for an instant collection? What I learned when I got into the tent city was that the first day or two were reserved for wholesale and venders trade or buy in bulk.

Good Twin and I set out to, "see it all!" I double dare anyone to try and do so. Both sides of the street are littered with tents filled with eye candy or eye sores. If you are browsing with a group the best strategy is to agree on a meeting place. Good Twin and Box Brown agreed to meet at the hand-carved turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce hoagie stand. The stand was a delicious landmark.

you could just skip it! It probably wont be sweltering July heat but the attitudes people have about their piles of junk is just as unbearable. Good Twin asked to look at a few wooden broaches. The vender took them out of an overflowing mismanaged glass case, placed them on a velvet cloth and wouldn't let her touch them. Good Twin wasn't impressed. Bad Twin quipped have fun lugging all that stuff home with you! That being said, there were a few good deals the last day.

What Bad Twin Took Home

Vintage Industrial Heat Lamp
cage shade, gets hot fast
Basket Weave by Etienne Aigner
available at Humpsastuff Vintage on Etsy $98.00

Thermos Caraff

Plumage Plopage

This one stays in my closet.

This uniform will defiantly get some use;)

It's worth going to Brimfield just for the atmosphere, that is, if you like watching antiques collect dust!
Last word of wisdom, it really helps if you have a specific item in mind that you would like to buy so the mere vastness doesn't throw you off.

See ya there...

Bad Twin

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  1. Oh! Here's your post! I didn't see all the way down here.

    Hooray! This is wonderful. Trying to decide if it makes me want to return to Brimfield or not... hmmm...