Wednesday, August 18, 2010

birthday wishes ...

I'm turning 30 on Sept. 10th. I'm so happy with where my life is right now! In love with an amazing man and in the process of planning our hobo wedding. And, I am about to go part-time at the ol' day job so I can work on Mouse Trap Vintage and SquidWhale Designs full-time. Dreams really do come true, folks. Just takes a magical mix of hard work, persistence, talent and luck.

Here's some of my birthday wishes. ('Cept for the bag by forestbound. It's already mine.)
This list also represents almost all of my favorite shops on Etsy...

From top to bottom:
1. Tote by forestbound
2. 1930s dress by greatestfriend
3. Inside-out pillow by enhabiten
4. 1940s dress by 1385
5. Harmonica necklace by Diament Jewelry (got something similar for my sweet sixteen and I miss it)
6. Tunic blouse by Sunday Factory


PS: coming soon: Maggie's birthday wishes ...


  1. i love all these things too. happy sept. 10 birthday!

  2. You made great picks!

    Hurrah for happiness! :)

  3. Liane: Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I NEED one of those inside out pillows. Alice at Forestbound got my favorite (the gingham one), so I am waiting to make my selection ... LOVELY!!!

    Karen: Thanks so much! Hooray is right!!! :D

  4. Happy Birthday!

    BTW: The printing block with the house being struck by lightening is SO excellent!

  5. Hey Joey! Thanks so much for your birthday wishes and the compliment about the printing block! That means A LOT coming from you! I am a HUGE admirer of your blog and have been for a long while. Yay!